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27 .         Review of Commission decision

        (1)         In this section, application means an application to the Commission for approval or a certificate of approval, as the case may be —

            (a)         under section 25 that the Commission approves the proposed subdivision in a strata plan or a plan of re-subdivision for a strata scheme or approves the proposed consolidation in a plan of consolidation for a strata scheme;

            (b)         under section 19(10) that the Commission approves a transfer, mortgage or other disposition as referred to in that provision of common property within a strata scheme;

            (c)         under section 6(3) that the Commission approves a resolution of a strata company varying or removing a restriction as to use endorsed on a registered strata plan under that provision.

        (2)         The Commission shall cause notice of its decision on an application made to it under this Act to be given in writing to the applicant.

        (3)         Subject to this section, an applicant may apply to the State Administrative Tribunal for a review, in accordance with Part 14 of the Planning and Development Act 2005 , of —

            (a)         a refusal by the Commission to approve of an application of the kind referred to in subsection (1)(a) to (c); or

            (b)         the attachment of a condition under section 25(4) to the approval of the Commission.

        (4)         For the purposes of subsection (3), if the Commission fails to notify its approval of an application to the applicant within 40 days of receiving the application, it is taken to have refused the application at the end of that period.

        [(5)         deleted]

        (6)         An application under this section to the State Administrative Tribunal may be made within 30 days of the day on which the applicant received notice of the refusal or attachment of a condition or within 30 days of the expiration of the period of 40 days referred to in subsection (4), as the case may be.

        [Section 27 amended: No. 84 of 1994 s. 46; No. 58 of 1995 s. 29; No. 24 of 2002 s. 28(10)-(15); No. 74 of 2003 s. 112(4); No. 55 of 2004 s. 1118; No. 38 of 2005 s. 15.]

        [Heading amended: No. 61 of 1996 s. 18.]

        [Heading inserted: No. 61 of 1996 s. 19.]

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