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30A .         Termination of survey-strata scheme by unanimous resolution

        (1)         The proprietors of lots in a survey-strata scheme may resolve by unanimous resolution that the scheme be terminated in accordance with this section.

        (2)         Upon the passing of such a resolution the strata company shall immediately lodge —

            (a)         notice of the resolution with the Registrar of Titles in the prescribed form; and

            (b)         except in a case where the regulations confer an exemption from the requirement of this paragraph, a certificate given by the Commission stating that it consents to the termination of the scheme.

        (3)         Upon receipt of the notice referred to in subsection (2), the Registrar of Titles shall make an entry on the relevant registered survey-strata plan and, where applicable, on the relevant certificates of title in the manner prescribed.

        (4)         Where an entry has been made on the plan under subsection (3), the common property in the survey-strata scheme may be transferred by the strata company on the authority of a unanimous resolution of the proprietors of all of the lots in the scheme.

        (5)         On the transfer of common property as mentioned in subsection (4) —

            (a)         the proprietors are entitled to the proceeds of the sale of the common property in shares proportional to the unit entitlements of their respective lots; and

            (b)         subsections (6) and (7) of section 19 apply.

        [Section 30A inserted: No. 58 of 1995 s. 34.]

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