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31E .         Documents to accompany notice

        (1)         The notice of resolution is to be accompanied by —

            (a)         a survey-strata plan in respect of the parcel —

                  (i)         showing in the prescribed manner —

                        (I)         the boundaries of the lots and common property; and

        (II)         the location of any easement that is to be created under section 5D as read with section 31G,

                by dimensions and survey information obtained from a survey of the parcel; and

                  (ii)         bearing a statement containing such particulars as may be necessary to identify the title to the parcel; and

                  (iii)         showing the area of each lot and of any common property; and

                  (iv)         having endorsed on it —

                        (I)         the name of the scheme; and

        (II)         the address of the parcel;


                  (v)         containing such other features as may be prescribed for the purposes of section 5A(g);


            (b)         a certificate given by a licensed surveyor in accordance with section 31F; and

            (c)         a schedule specifying, in a whole number —

                  (i)         the proposed unit entitlement in respect of each lot; and

                  (ii)         the aggregate unit entitlement;


            (d)         a certificate, in the prescribed form, given by a licensed valuer in accordance with section 14(2); and

            (e)         a certificate given by every person, other than a proprietor, who —

                  (i)         has a registered interest in; or

                  (ii)         is a caveator in respect of,

                a lot certifying his consent to the proposed schedule of unit entitlement.

        (2)         If the duplicate certificate of title issued for a lot is produced by a registered mortgagee of the lot for the registration of a notice of resolution under section 31I, a certificate of that mortgagee is not required for the purposes of subsection (1)(e).

        [Section 31E inserted: No. 61 of 1996 s. 21.]

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