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31F .         Certificate of licensed surveyor

        (1)         The certificate of a licensed surveyor referred to in section 31E(1)(b) is to comply with —

            (a)         this section; and

            (b)         any requirement made by the regulations for the purposes of this section.

        (2)         The surveyor is to certify —

            (a)         as to each of the matters required to be certified in a certificate under section 22(2); and

            (b)         that there are not more lots on the survey-strata plan, disregarding any lot designated as a common property lot, than there are on the existing strata plan; and

            (c)         that a reference on the survey-strata plan to a lot by a designated number is a reference to the lot designated by that number on the existing strata plan; and

            (d)         that where 2 lots have a common or party wall, the centre plane of that wall is on the boundary of the lots; and

            (e)         in accordance with subsection (4), that the rights and amenities required to be provided for by the relevant local planning scheme or improvement scheme in force under the Planning and Development Act 2005  

                  (i)         are provided for in accordance with that scheme at the time when the certificate is given; or

                  (ii)         will be provided for when the notice of resolution and the documents referred to in section 31H are registered.

        (3)         The regulations may prescribe matters —

            (a)         as to which the surveyor is to certify under subsection (2)(e); or

            (b)         which are to be specifically dealt with in the certificate.

        (4)         A certification under subsection (2)(e) is to relate to matters prescribed for the purposes of subsection (3)(a) and not to other matters arising under the relevant local planning scheme or improvement scheme.

        [Section 31F inserted: No. 61 of 1996 s. 21; amended: No. 38 of 2005 s. 15; No. 28 of 2010 s. 37(5) and (6).]

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