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49 .         First annual general meeting

        (1)         Within 3 months after the registration of the strata/survey-strata plan, the original proprietor, whether or not he is a proprietor at the time he does so, shall, in the prescribed manner, convene and hold a meeting of the strata company to be held within that period.

        Penalty: $2 000.

        (2)         The meeting convened and held under subsection (1) shall be the first annual general meeting of the strata company.

        (3)         An original proprietor shall deliver to the strata company at its first annual general meeting —

            (a)         all plans, specifications, drawings showing water pipes, electric cables, drainage pipes, ventilation ducts or air-conditioning systems, certificates (other than certificates of title for lots), diagrams (including lift wiring diagrams) and other documents (including policies of insurance) obtained or received by him and relating to the parcel or building; and

            (b)         if they are in his possession or under his control, books of account and any notices or other records relating to the scheme,

                other than documents which exclusively evidence rights or obligations of the original proprietor and which are not capable of being used for the benefit of the strata company or any of the proprietors, other than the original proprietor.

        Penalty: $2 000.

        (4)         Where a meeting of the strata company convened in accordance with this section is held after the time limited by this section for the holding of the meeting, it does not on that account fail to be the first annual general meeting of the strata company.

        [Section 49 amended by No. 58 of 1995 s. 95 and 96.]

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