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53E .         Recovery of premium by strata company or proprietor where no administrative fund in single tier strata schemes

        (1)         Where —

            (a)         under section 36A or 36B a fund for administrative purposes is not maintained under section 36(1)(a); and

            (b)         a strata company or any proprietor receives notice of the amount of any premium or other charge for insurance under section 53D,

                the strata company, or the proprietor, may give notice in writing of that amount to the proprietor of each lot in the scheme, or each other proprietor, and require the proprietor to pay his share of the premium or other charge before a specified time.

        (2)         A proprietor’s share is —

            (a)         a sum equal to the same proportion of the amount as the unit entitlement of the proprietor’s lot bears to the aggregate unit entitlement; or

            (b)         if applicable, a sum fixed under a by-law of the strata company made under section 42B.

        (3)         Where —

            (a)         notice has been given to a proprietor under subsection (1); and

            (b)         the amount of the proprietor’s share has not been paid to the strata company or the insurer before the specified time,

                that amount becomes a debt due by the proprietor to the strata company and may be recovered by it in a court of competent jurisdiction.

        (4)         If the amount of a proprietor’s share has become due to the strata company but has not been paid, another proprietor may —

            (a)         pay the amount; and

            (b)         recover the amount under section 103L.

        [Section 53E inserted: No. 61 of 1996 s. 25.]

        [Heading inserted: No. 61 of 1996 s. 26.]

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