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7 .         Structural erections, alterations and extensions restricted, strata schemes

        (1)         This section does not apply to —

            (a)         a lot in a survey-strata scheme; or

            (b)         the erection of, alteration to or extension of a structure on a lot in a strata scheme if —

                  (i)         each proprietor of a lot in the scheme has in writing given approval to the erection, alteration or extension; and

                  (ii)         that approval, if subject to conditions, is given by each proprietor subject to the same conditions; and

                  (iii)         a copy of each such approval is served on the strata company.

        (2)         The proprietor of a lot shall not cause or permit —

            (a)         any structure to be erected; or

            (b)         any alteration of a structural kind to, or extension of, a structure,

                on his lot except —

            (c)         with the prior approval of the proprietor of the other lot in the case of a strata scheme in which there are not more than 2 lots; and

            (d)         in any other case with the prior approval, expressed by resolution without dissent, of the strata company.

        (3)         Where an application is made to a proprietor in accordance with section 7B the proprietor may refuse to give approval on any ground that is permitted by subsection (5), but not otherwise.

        (4)         Where an application is made to a strata company in accordance with section 7B —

            (a)         notice of the general meeting to which the application is to be submitted shall contain or be accompanied by a statement, in the prescribed form, of the effect of paragraphs (c) and (d); and

            (b)         the chairman of the general meeting shall before a vote is taken on the application read out the statement referred to in paragraph (a); and

            (c)         a proprietor may vote —

                  (i)         against a resolution to approve the application; or

                  (ii)         in support of a resolution to refuse approval of the application,

                on any ground that is permitted by subsection (5), but not otherwise; and

            (d)         a vote referred to in paragraph (c) is of no effect unless the person casting the vote discloses as a ground for his vote one or more of the grounds permitted by subsection (5).

        (5)         The grounds on which approval may be refused are —

            (a)         that the carrying out of the proposal will breach the plot ratio restrictions or open space requirements for the lot ascertained in accordance with section 7A(3); or

            (b)         in the case of a lot that is not a vacant lot, that the carrying out of the proposal —

                  (i)         will result in a structure that is visible from outside the lot and that is not in keeping with the rest of the development; or

                  (ii)         may affect the structural soundness of a building; or

                  (iii)         may interfere with any easement created by section 11 or 12;


            (c)         any other ground that is prescribed.

        (6)         In this section —

        structure includes any prescribed improvement;

        vacant lot means a lot that is wholly unimproved apart from having merged improvements within the meaning of that expression in the Valuation of Land Act 1978 .

        [Section 7 inserted: No. 58 of 1995 s. 13.]

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