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192C .         Commissioner may refuse to take action if requirements not complied with

        (1)         The Commissioner may refuse to take any action that the Commissioner is required or authorised to take under this Act if —

            (a)         the taking of that action is dependent on compliance with —

                  (i)         a requirement of this Act or any regulations made under this Act; or

                  (ii)         a requirement determined under section 182A; or

                  (iii)         a requirement of the Electronic Conveyancing Act 2014 or any participation rules;


            (b)         that requirement has not been complied with.

        (2)         For the purposes of subsection (1), taking an action includes (without limiting subsection (1)) —

            (a)         accepting an application under this Act or any regulations made under this Act; and

            (b)         giving a direction to the Registrar.

        (3)         Before refusing to take action in the circumstances set out in subsection (1), the Commissioner may direct the Registrar to give notice of the non-compliance to any person specified by the Commissioner.

        (4)         A notice given under subsection (3) —

            (a)         must be served on the person to whom it is directed; and

            (b)         must specify a period within which the non-compliance must be rectified; and

            (c)         may specify how the non-compliance is to be rectified.

        (5)         If a notice of non-compliance given under subsection (3) relates to a document —

            (a)         the notice is to be taken to be a notice given under section 192(1) by the Registrar in relation to the document; and

            (b)         section 192 applies accordingly with all necessary changes.

        (6)         This section does not limit or affect any other obligation or power to refuse to take any action.

        [Section 192C inserted: No. 2 of 2014 s. 82.]

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