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201 .         Compensation of person deprived of land

        (1)         Any person deprived of land or of any estate or interest in land in consequence of fraud or through the bringing of such land under the operation of this Act or by the registration of any other person as proprietor of such land estate or interest or in consequence of any error or misdescription in any certificate of title or in any entry or memorandum in the Register may bring and prosecute an action at law for the recovery of damages against the person upon whose application such land was brought under the operation of this Act or such erroneous registration was made or who acquired title to the estate or interest through such fraud error or misdescription.

        (2)         Despite subsection (1) except in the case of fraud or of error occasioned by any omission misrepresentation or misdescription in the application of such person to bring such land under the operation of this Act or to be registered as proprietor of such land estate or interest or in any instrument signed by him such person shall upon a transfer of such land bona fide for value cease to be liable for the payment of any damage beyond the value of the consideration actually received which but for such transfer might have been recovered from him under the provisions herein contained.

        (3)         In such last-mentioned case and also in case the person against whom such action for damages is directed to be brought as aforesaid shall be dead or shall have been adjudged bankrupt or cannot be found within the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court then and in any such case such damages with costs of action may be recovered from the State by action against the Registrar as nominal defendant.

        (4)         All damages and costs to be paid by the State under this section shall be charged to the Consolidated Account and this section appropriates the Consolidated Account accordingly.

        (5)         In estimating such damages the value of all buildings and other improvements erected or made subsequently to the deprivation shall be excluded.

        [Section 201 amended: No. 81 of 1996 s. 120 and 145(1); No. 77 of 2006 s. 4; No. 19 of 2010 s. 51.]

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