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22 .         How application to be dealt with when dealing has been registered

        (1)         If it shall appear to the Commissioner that any such transaction as aforesaid has been registered and that all encumbrances affecting the land (excepting such as are hereinafter mentioned as not requiring special notification) have been released or that the owners thereof have consented to the application or that any encumbrance (not being a mortgage the owner whereof shall not have consented to the application) may be specified in the certificate of title and continue outstanding and if he shall be satisfied with the evidence submitted in support of the title and of such further evidence as he shall call for by requisition the Commissioner shall direct notice of the application to be advertised once at least in the Government Gazette and in one newspaper published in the city of Perth or circulating in the neighbourhood of the land and to be served on any persons named by him; and shall appoint a time not less than 14 days nor more than 12 months from such notice or from the advertisement or the first of such advertisements (if more than one) on or after the expiration of which the Registrar shall unless a caveat shall be lodged forbidding the same bring the land under the operation of this Act.

        (2)         The expenses of all advertisements under this or any other section shall in all cases be paid to the Registrar before the publication thereof.

        [Section 22 amended: No. 19 of 2010 s. 51.]

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