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220 .         Application under s. 219, how dealt with

        (1)         Such application shall be referred to the Commissioner or if there be such an officer then to an Examiner of Titles for his examination and report who shall afterwards submit the papers to the Commissioner and the Commissioner may either reject such application altogether or direct notice thereof to be published once at least in one newspaper published in the city of Perth or circulating in the neighbourhood of the land and such further publicity to be given to such application as he may deem fit; and the Commissioner shall appoint a time not less than 14 days from the advertisement or the first of such advertisements if more than one upon or after which the Registrar shall unless a caveat shall be lodged forbidding the same register such applicant as the proprietor of such land or estate by entering in the Register the particulars of the transmission through which such applicant claims and by registering a certificate of title to the land or estate so transmitted.

        (2)         Upon such entry being made the applicant shall become the transferee of such land or estate and be deemed to be the proprietor thereof.

        (3)         The person registered consequent on such direction shall hold such land or estate for the purposes for which it may be applicable by law; but for the purpose of any dealings therewith under the provisions of this Act he shall be deemed to be the absolute proprietor thereof.

        (4)         The Commissioner may direct a caveat to be entered by the Registrar for the protection of the interests of any other persons interested in such land or estate.

        [Section 220 amended: No. 81 of 1996 s. 145(1); No. 19 of 2010 s. 51.]

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