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62 .         Notice to be published before effect given to order

        (1)         Before making any such order the court or judge or Commissioner shall cause notice of the intention so to do to be advertised once at least in one newspaper published in the city of Perth or circulating in the neighbourhood of the land and shall appoint a time within which it shall be lawful for any person interested to show cause against such order being made.

        (2)         After the expiration of that time it shall be lawful for the said court or judge or Commissioner to give directions for the transfer of such land or lease or charge to any new proprietor or proprietors solely or jointly with or in the place of any existing proprietor or proprietors, or to make such order in the premises as shall be just for the protection of any persons beneficially interested in such property or in the proceeds thereof; and on such order being deposited with the Registrar he shall make such entries and perform such acts for giving effect thereto as the provisions of this Act may render necessary.

        (3)         The Commissioner in any case within the last preceding section in which members of a corporation that is a friendly society within the meaning of section 16C of the Life Insurance Act 1995 of the Commonwealth are interested may before making an order thereunder dispense with the aforesaid advertisement.

        [Section 62 amended: No. 26 of 1999 s. 106(2); No. 74 of 2003 s. 120; No. 19 of 2010 s. 51.]

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