Western Australian Current Regulations

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6 .         Conditions

        (1)         The CEO may issue or renew a licence subject to such conditions as the CEO thinks fit to impose.

        (2)         The CEO may at any time by written notice —

            (a)         impose conditions upon a licence that has been granted; and

            (b)         add to, change or remove conditions already imposed; and

            (c)         in the case of a licence issued to a carrier or a driver, add or remove a type of controlled waste specified in the licence.

        (3)         If the CEO decides to act under subregulation (2) —

            (a)         the CEO is to give written notice of the decision to the holder of the licence; and

            (b)         the decision does not take effect until 7 days after the notice is given, or such later time as is set out in the notice.

        (4)         A person who holds a licence and who contravenes a condition to which that licence is subject commits an offence.

        (5)         A person who holds a licence may apply to the CEO for a condition of a licence to be changed or removed by application —

            (a)         made in the approved form; and

            (b)         accompanied by the appropriate fee prescribed in Schedule 3.

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