Western Australian Current Regulations

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   PART 1 -- Preliminary  

   1.      Citation  
   2.      Commencement  
   3A.     Terms used

   PART 2 -- Application of Act, modification of application  

   3.      Exemption for retirement villages  
   4.      Exemption for certain agreements with squatters  
   5.      Exemption for certain agreements under Land Act 1933  
   5AAA.   Application of Act to certain accommodation at St Thomas More College  
   5AA.    Modified application of section 22(2) of Act  
   5AB.    Exemptions from section 27A of Act -- residential agreements not required to be in prescribed form  
   5AC.    Exemption from section 27B of Act if residential tenancy agreement extended or renewed  
   5AD.    Modified application of section 27C(4) of Act for Housing Authority  
   5A.     Exemption of Housing Authority from sections 29(4)(b) and 33 of Act  
   5BA.    Exemptions from section 29(8) of Act  
   5B.     Exemptions from section 30(1) of Act  
   5CA.    Modified application of section 30(2)(a) of Act  
   5C.     Exemption from section 33 of Act for employment‑linked residential tenancy agreements  
   5D.     Exemption for certain agreements under Land Administration Act 1997  
   6.      Modified application of section 43(3) of Act when Housing Authority is lessor of premises outside metropolitan region  
   6A.     Modified application of s. 71AD(2) of Act when Housing Authority is lessor of premises  
   7A.     Modified application of s. 45(1) of Act  
   7B.     Modified application of section 47(1)(b) of Act for Housing Authority  
   7C.     Modified application of s. 60(1) of Act  
   7D.     Modified application of section 70A of Act for Foyer Oxford  
   7E.     Modified application of section 72 of Act  
   7F.     Exemption from section 82 of Act  
   7G.     Modified application of section 93 of Act for Housing Authority  
   7H.     Modified application of Schedule 1 clauses 5A and 5 of Act

   PART 3 -- Other matters  

   7.      Applications prescribed for the purposes of section 13A(2)(a) of Act  
   9.      Determination of nearest Magistrates Court  
   10.     Scale of costs for section 24 of Act  
   10AA.   Form of written residential tenancy agreement for section 27A of Act  
   10AB.   Information to be given to tenant for section 27B of Act  
   10AC.   Information to be included in property condition report for section 27C(6) of Act  
   10AD.   Amount prescribed for section 27(2)(a) of Act  
   10A.    Amount prescribed for section 29(1)(b)(ii) of Act  
   11.     Amount prescribed for section 29(2) of Act  
   12A.    Essential services prescribed for section 43(1) of Act  
   12B.    Means to secure residential premises prescribed for s. 45(1)(a) of Act  
   12BA.   Prescribed alterations for s. 47(4) of Act  
   12C.    Social housing tenancy agreement for the purposes of section 71A of Act  
   12CA.   Prescribed person for s. 71AB(2)(d)(vi) of Act  
   12D.    Manner prescribed for purposes of section 79(3)(b) of Act  
   12E.    Information prescribed for section 79(10) of Act  
   12.     Manner prescribed for purposes of section 85(3)(c) of Act  
   13.     Infringement notices  
   14.     Matters prescribed for section 94 of Act  
   15.     Disposal of unclaimed security bonds  
   17.     Fees prescribed  
   18.     Forms
           SCHEDULE 3
           SCHEDULE 4 -- Forms
           SCHEDULE 5 -- Prescribed offences and modified penalties

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