Sydney Opera House
Saturday, 27 May


On Saturday 27 May, at the Sydney Opera House, the Council will present publicly, and for the first time, its final proposal for a national document for reconciliation. This proposal will be the culmination of extensive public consultation over the last year during which thousands of Australians at many meetings across the land have expressed their views on a draft document and on what kind of strategies and actions should support such a statement.

A large range of peak bodies, national and community organisations, sectors and interest groups are being invited to participate in Corroboree 2000 in Sydney. The Council is particularly interested to have a representation of Australian youth--citizens who will inherit the legacy of the day's decisions.

The Council anticipates that representatives from these peak bodies and national and community organisations, as well as individuals, may be prepared to make definite commitments for future action and help make the national document a reality.

As well, participants will have the honour to help launch a reconciliation foundation which will carry the reconciliation process forward after the Council ceases its work on 1 January 2001.

True to tradition, we will be welcomed to Sydney by the Indigenous people of the region. Exciting performances will portray the vibrant and living culture of Indigenous Australians, as well as celebrating the diversity of contemporary Australia.

Program Highlights for Saturday, 27 May 2000:

  • Registrations Open (7.00 am)
  • Welcome to Country (9.30 am)
  • Welcome by the Premier of New South Wales, the Hon R J Carr, MP
  • Ceremonial arrival of the Document for Reconciliation
  • Speeches from the Governor-General, other national leaders and youth
  • Symbolic pledging
  • Pre-lunch feature performance
  • Launch of Reconciliation Australia, the foundation to carry forward the reconciliation process
  • A vision for the future presented by an eminent Australian
  • Finale performance (close 3.30 pm)

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