AustLII's 2018 End of Year Appeal

This is an appeal to all our users – we urgently need your support!

Please help us make sure AustLII stays free for everyone to use.

AustLII is a small organisation with limited financial resources. We rely on the support of our users to provide the essential funding that maintains the staffing, the technical capacity and the computing infrastructure to keep AustLII on line.

We need to raise $1.2 million dollars a year to sustain our operation. While our costs rise, slowly but steadily with inflation, our contribution income is variable and is not increasing at the same rate.

With only a few weeks to go before the end of our financial year we are still about $200,000 short of our target.

For more than twenty years AustLII has provided free and anonymous access to public legal information for everyone, irrespective of their means. This supports the effective functioning of the rule of law, and provides essential legal information that benefits the community.

AustLII continues to be the most comprehensive and widely accessed online resource of free-access legal information in Australia with over 20% of the market share, serving over 250 million access requests each year (that's 700,000 per day). We are now supporting nearly 800 Australasian legal databases on AustLII, maintaining the staffing and technical infrastructure needed to provide fast and efficient delivery. In addition, we now support the AustLII Communities platform which provides the opportunity for the community legal sector to make available plain language legal resources such as Law Handbooks in a consistent and easily updatable way.

AustLII does not sell advertising or seek user access subscriptions because they are inconsistent with our commitment to free access. Read our Case for Support for more information.

In order to maintain our service, we ask all our users who can afford to do so to make a regular contribution that reflects the value of AustLII to them and to the Australian community. The legal profession, business and industry, courts and tribunals, government agencies, educational institutions and the general community all make contributions to support AustLII. See who supports us.

The AustLII Foundation Limited (ABN 41 134 717 972), a not-for-profit company with charitable Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status, maintains our Australian services. This means that all contributions to AustLII (over $2) are tax deductible.

If you have not contributed to AustLII in 2018 - we really need your financial support.

If you have already made a contribution this year - thank you! - can you afford to increase your level of support?

Please support AustLII by making a contribution today.

Thank you.