ACT Numbered Regulations - Explanatory Statements

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Explanatory Statement

Court Procedures Amendment Rules 2006 (No 1)
Subordinate Law SL2006 - 43

Issued by the Authority of the Rule-Making Committee

The Rule-Making Committee (currently comprising the Chief Justice, the President of the Court of Appeal, Justice Connolly, the Chief Magistrate and Magistrate Somes) or any 3 or more committee members, 1 of whom must be the Chief Justice and another of whom must be either the Chief Magistrate or Magistrate Somes, may make rules in relation to the practice and procedures of ACT Courts, prescribed tribunals and their registries pursuant to Section 7 of the Court Procedures Act 2004.

The Legal Practitioners Act 1970 provided that before being admitted as a legal practitioner and before signing the roll, a person was to take an oath or make and affirmation before the court. The Legal Practitioners Act 1970 has been repealed by the Legal Profession Act 2006. No similar provision is contained in that Act. Rules 3614 and 3615 retain the oath or affirmation requirement as a significant part of the admission ceremony.

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