Australian Capital Territory Current Acts

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A code of practice may deal with the following matters:

        (a)     the care and use of animals for scientific purposes;

        (b)     the use of animals from pounds;

        (c)     the management and control of companion animals;

        (d)     the management of companion animals in pounds and shelters;

        (e)     the development of new breeds of companion animals;

        (f)     the breeding and selling of cats or dogs with heritable defects;

        (g)     the use of electric goads;

        (h)     horse agistment establishments;

              (i)     animal welfare in rural industry;

        (j)     animal welfare in intensive farming;

        (k)     transport of livestock;

        (l)     animal welfare in the management of saleyards;

        (m)     livestock and poultry slaughtering establishments;

        (n)     fishing;

        (o)     culling of native animals;

        (p)     control of feral animals;

        (q)     aerial shooting of animals;

        (r)     trapping and snaring of animals;

        (s)     commercial pest control;

        (t)     commercial keeping and display of animals;

        (u)     the operation of pet shops and other businesses that buy or sell animals as pets;

              (v)     the operation of businesses that board animals;

        (w)     the operation of any other business that deals with pets;

              (x)     keeping of zoo animals;

        (y)     animal welfare in the racing industry;

        (z)     any other matter related to animal welfare.

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