Australian Capital Territory Current Acts

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   1.      Name of Act  
   2.      Dictionary  
   3.      Notes  
   4.      Offences against Act—application of Criminal Code etc  
   4A.     Objects of Act  
   5.      Animal Welfare Authority  
   6.      Delegation by authority  


   6A.     Definitions—pt 2  
   6B.     Failure to provide appropriate care  
   6C.     Failure to provide animal with water or shelter  
   6D.     Failure to provide animal with hygienic environment  
   6E.     Failure to properly groom and maintain animal  
   6F.     Failure to exercise dog  
   6G.     Abandoning an animal  
   7.      Cruelty  
   7A.     Aggravated cruelty  
   7B.     Alternative verdicts—cruelty  
   8.      Hitting or kicking animal  
   9.      Unlawful confinement of animal  
   9A.     Keeping laying fowls for commercial egg production—appropriate  
   9B.     Keeping pigs—appropriate accommodation  
   9C.     Removing or trimming beak of fowl  
   10.     Assisting injured animal  
   11.     Unlawful release of animal  
   12.     Administering poison  
   12A.    Laying poison  
   13.     Electrical devices  
   14.     Use or possession of prohibited item  
   15.     Transport of animals—generally  
   15A.    Transport of dogs  
   15B.    Intensive breeding of cats or dogs  
   16.     Using unfit animal  
   17.     Violent animal activities  
   18.     Rodeos and game parks  
   18A.    Greyhound racing  
   19.     Medical and surgical procedures—people other than veterinary  
   19A.    Medical and surgical procedures—veterinary practitioners  
   20.     Exception—conduct in accordance with approved code of practice or mandatory code of  


   21.     Contents  
   22.     Approved code of practice  
   23.     Mandatory code of practice  
   24.     Publication  
   24A.    Reckless failure to comply with mandatory code of practice  
   24B.    Failure to comply with mandatory code of practice  
   24C.    Direction to comply with mandatory code  
   24D.    Failure to comply with direction to comply with mandatory code  


           Division 3A--.1 Preliminary

   24E.    Definitions—pt 3A  

           Division 3A--.2 Pet business licensing

   24F.    Pet business licence application  
   24G.    Issue of pet business licence  
   24H.    Pet business licence term and form  
   24I.    Conditions for pet business licence  
   24J.    Transfer application  
   24K.    Transfer decision  
   24L.    Renewal application  
   24M.    Renewal decision  
   24N.    Amendment of pet business licence  
   24O.    Authority may request more information  

           Division 3A--.3 Pet business offences

   24P.    Pet shops—failure to keep records  
   24Q.    Pet shops—failure to share records  
   24R.    Operating pet business without pet business licence  
   24S.    Breach of pet business licence  


           Division 4.1--Licences

   25.     Research, teaching and breeding  
   26.     Application for licence  
   27.     Decision about licence application  
   28.     Licence conditions  
   29.     Form of licence  
   30.     Term of licence  
   31.     Licensees—request for information and documents  
   32.     Licence renewal  
   33.     Licensee to notify change of name or address  
   34.     Amendment of licence  
   35.     Surrender of licences  

           Division 4.2--Authorisations

   35A.    Meaning of authorised staff member—div 4.2  
   36.     Research and teaching using and breeding animals  
   37.     Application for authorisation  
   38.     Decision about authorisation application  
   39.     Authorisation conditions  
   40.     Form of authorisation  
   41.     Term of authorisation  
   42.     Identity card for authorisation holders  
   43.     Authorisation holders—request for information and documents  
   44.     Authorisation renewal  
   45.     Authorisation holder to notify change of name or address  
   46.     Amendment of authorisation  
   47.     Cessation of effect of authorisation  
   48.     Surrender of authorisations  

           Division 4.3--Interstate researchers

   49A.    Notification  
   49B.    Interstate researchers' authorisation in the ACT  

           Division 4.4--Animal ethics committees

   50.     Animal ethics committees  


           Division 5.1--Preliminary

   51.     Meaning of prohibited animal—pt 5  

           Division 5.2--Offences

   52.     Circuses  
   53.     Travelling zoos  

           Division 5.3--Circus and travelling zoo permits

   54.     Application for circus or travelling zoo permit  
   55.     Decision about circus or travelling zoo permit application  
   56.     Circus or travelling zoo permit conditions  
   57.     Form of circus or travelling zoo permit  
   58.     Term of circus or travelling zoo permit  
   59.     Circus or travelling zoo permit-holder to notify change of name or  
   59A.    Amendment of circus or travelling zoo permit  


           Division 6.1--Trapping offences

   60.     Steel-jawed traps and prohibited traps  
   62.     Trapping—general  

           Division 6.2--Trapping permits

   63.     Application for trapping permit  
   64.     Decision about trapping permit application  
   65.     Trapping permit conditions  
   66.     Form of trapping permit  
   67.     Term of trapping permit  
   68.     Trapping permit-holders—request for information and documents  
   69.     Trapping permit renewal  
   70.     Trapping permit-holder to notify change of name or address  
   71.     Amendment of trapping permit  
   72.     Surrender of trapping permits  


   73A.    Definitions—pt 6A  
   73B.    Grounds for regulatory action  
   73C.    Regulatory action  
   73D.    Taking regulatory action  
   73E.    Immediate suspension  
   73F.    Effect of suspension  
   73G.    Return of amended, suspended or cancelled approvals  
   73H.    Action by regulatory body in relation to amended or suspended  


           Division 7.1--Preliminary

   74.     Definitions—pt 7  
   75.     Protection from liability  
   75A.    Public access  

           Division 7.2--Inspectors and authorised officers

   76.     Inspectors  
   77.     Authorised officers  
   78.     Identity cards  

           Division 7.3--Powers of inspectors

   80.     Definitions—div 7.3  
   81.     Powers of entry and search  
   81A.    Power to seize animals—inspectors  
   82.     Powers of inspectors  
   82A.    Direction to give personal details—inspector  
   82B.    Offence—fail to comply with inspector's direction to give name and  

           Division 7.4--Powers of authorised officers

   83.     Research and educational institutions—powers of entry and  
   83A.    Power to seize animals—authorised officers  
   84.     Powers of authorised officers  
   84AA.   Direction to give name and address—authorised officer  
   84AB.   Offence—fail to comply with authorised officer's direction to give name and  

           Division 7.5--Powers of veterinary practitioners

   84A.    Powers of veterinary practitioners regarding seized animals and  

           Division 7.6--Alleviation of suffering—powers of inspectors, authorised officers and veterinary practitioners

   85.     Inspectors and authorised officers  
   86.     Veterinary practitioners  

           Division 7.6A--Dealing with seized animals

   86A.    Animal welfare entities  
   86B.    Accommodation of seized animals  
   86C.    Selling or rehoming seized animals  
   86D.    Destroying seized animals  
   86E.    Temporary prohibition on animal ownership etc  

           Division 7.7--Consent to entry, reports and search warrants

   87.     Definition of officer—div 7.7  
   88.     Consent to entry  
   89.     Reports  
   90.     Search warrants  

           Division 7.8--Offences in relation to veterinary practitioners

   91.     Obstructing etc veterinary practitioner  

           Division 7.9--Compensation for animal injury and death

   93.     Definitions—div 7.9  
   94.     Right to compensation  
   95.     Compensation claims  
   96.     Exclusion of civil actions  

           Division 7.10--Evidence

   97.     Meaning of offence—div 7.10  
   98.     Certificate evidence  
   99.     Acts and omissions of representatives  

           Division 7.11--Court orders and corporate penalties

   100.    Meaning of offence—div 7.11  
   100A.   Animal offences—court orders (interim)  
   101.    Animal offences—court orders (general)  
   101A.   Animal offences—permanent prohibition on animal ownership etc  
   101B.   Animal offences—setting aside permanent prohibition order  
   101C.   Prohibition order in special circumstances  
   102.    Animal offences—court orders (costs and proceeds of  
   103.    Prohibited item and trap offences—court orders (general)  
   104.    Prohibited item and trap offences—court orders (costs and proceeds of  
   104A.   Court orders—offences involving violence  
   105.    Court orders—procedure and appeals  


   107.    Meaning of reviewable decision—pt 8  
   107A.   Reviewable decision notices  
   108.    Applications for review  


   109.    Establishment and functions  


   109A.   Rescuing animal at risk in locked vehicle  
   110.    Determination of fees  
   111.    Exemptions by regulations  
   112.     Regulation-making power  
   113.    Review of amendments made by Animal Welfare Legislation Amendment Act  
           SCHEDULE 1

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