Commonwealth Consolidated Acts

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President's directions--arrangement of business

             (1)  The President may give written directions in relation to any or all of the following:

                     (a)  the operations of the Tribunal;

                     (b)  the procedure of the Tribunal;

                     (c)  the conduct of reviews by the Tribunal;

                     (d)  the arrangement of the business of the Tribunal;

                     (e)  the places at which the Tribunal may sit.

          (1A)  Before the President does so, the President must consult the head of any Division to which the direction would apply.

             (2)  A failure by the Tribunal to comply with a direction does not invalidate anything done by the Tribunal.

             (3)  If the Tribunal deals with a proceeding in a way that complies with the directions given under this section, the Tribunal is not required to take any other action in dealing with the proceeding.

             (4)  Without limiting subsection (1), directions may deal with matters relating to the provision of documents under sections 37 and 38AA, including any or all of the following matters:

                     (a)  documents that are or are not required to be lodged under paragraph 37(1)(b) and subsection 38AA(1);

                     (b)  documents that are or are not required to be lodged under subsection 37(1AAB) for the purposes of second reviews;

                     (c)  lodgement of documents for the purposes of subsection 37(1AB);

                     (d)  lodgement of additional copies of documents;

                     (e)  documents that are to be given to other parties under subsection 37(1AE).

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