Commonwealth Consolidated Acts

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Application requirements

             (1)  An application under a provision of this Act must:

                     (a)  be on the relevant form approved by the Minister for the purposes of that provision; and

                     (b)  contain the information required by the form; and

                     (c)  be accompanied by any other information or documents prescribed by the regulations; and

                     (d)  be accompanied by the fee (if any) prescribed by the regulations.

          (1A)  For applications made under section 21 by persons who, in order to be eligible to become an Australian citizen under subsection 21(2), must have sat a test approved in a determination under section 23A, the fee prescribed by the regulations may include a component that relates to the sitting of that test.

Approval of forms

             (2)  The Minister may, by writing, approve one or more forms for the purposes of a provision of this Act under which an application may be made.

Note:          For example, there are 2 ways to become an Australian citizen by descent under section 16. The Minister may approve 1 form for the purposes of that section or may approve 2 different forms.

Children aged under 16

          (2A)  An application under a provision of this Act by a child aged under 16 must be set out:

                     (a)  on a form that contains no other application; or

                     (b)  on a form that also contains an application by 1 responsible parent of the child.

Remission, refund or waiver of fees

             (3)  The regulations may make provision for and in relation to the remission, refund or waiver of any fees of a kind referred to in paragraph (1)(d).

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