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SURROGACY ACT 2010 - As at 7 June 2011 - Act 102 of 2010 - NOTES

Note to Part 5

See also Part 3 of the Assisted Reproductive Technology Act 2007 which gives the affected parties in relation to a surrogacy arrangement, and a person born as a result of a surrogacy arrangement, access to information about the surrogacy arrangement.

Historical notes

The following abbreviations are used in the Historical notes:

Am amended LW legislation website Sch Schedule
Cl clause No number Schs Schedules
Cll clauses p page Sec section
Div Division pp pages Secs sections
Divs Divisions Reg Regulation Subdiv Subdivision
GG Government Gazette Regs Regulations Subdivs Subdivisions
Ins inserted Rep repealed Subst substituted

Table of amending instruments

Surrogacy Act 2010 No 102. Assented to 16.11.2010. Date of commencement, 1.3.2011, sec 2 and 2011 (49) LW 11.2.2011. This Act has been amended as follows:

2011 No 8 Courts and Other Legislation Amendment Act 2011. Assented to 7.6.2011.
Date of commencement, assent, sec 2.
This Act has been amended by sec 30C of the Interpretation Act 1987 No 15.

Table of amendments

Sec 38 Am 2011 No 8, Sch 1.8 [1].
Sch 1 Am 2011 No 8, Sch 1.8 [2].
Sch 2 Rep 1987 No 15, sec 30C.

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