Victorian Consolidated Regulations

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Bicycle lanes

Rule 153(1) amended by S.R. No. 135/2021 rule 56(1).

    (1)     A driver (except the rider of a bicycle or an electric scooter) must not drive in a bicycle lane, unless the driver is permitted to drive in the bicycle lane under this rule or rule 158.

Penalty:     5 penalty units.


Note 1 to rule 153(1) amended by S.R. No. 135/2021 rule 56(2).

1     Bicycle and electric scooter are defined in the dictionary.

2     Rule 158 provides additional exceptions applying to this rule, and also provides a defence to the prosecution of a driver for an offence against this rule.

    (2)     If stopping or parking is permitted at a place
in a bicycle lane, a driver may drive for up to 50 metres in the bicycle lane to stop or park at that place.


Part 12 deals with parking and restricted stopping areas.

Rule 153(3) substituted by S.R. No. 88/2018 rule 5(1).

    (3)     A driver may drive for up to 50 metres in a bicycle lane if the driver is driving—

        (a)     a commercial passenger vehicle while providing a commercial passenger vehicle service and is dropping off, or picking up, passengers; or

        (b)     a public bus or public minibus and is dropping off, or picking up, passengers.

Note to rule 153(3) substituted by S.R. No. 88/2018 rule 5(2).


Commercial passenger vehicle and commercial passenger vehicle service are defined in the Commercial Passenger Vehicle Industry Act 2017 . Public bus and public minibus are defined in the dictionary.

    (4)     A bicycle lane is a marked lane, or the part of a marked lane

        (a)     beginning at a bicycle lane sign applying to the lane, or a road marking comprising both a white bicycle symbol and the word "lane" painted in white; and

        (b)     ending at the nearest of the following—

              (i)     an end bicycle lane sign applying to the lane, or a road marking comprising both a white bicycle symbol and the words "end lane" painted in white;

              (ii)     an intersection (unless the lane is at the unbroken side of the continuing road at a T-intersection or continued across the intersection by broken lines);

              (iii)     if the road ends at a dead end—the end of the road.


"Continuing road", intersection , marked lane , road marking and T‑intersection are defined in the dictionary.

Bicycle lane sign

End bicycle lane sign



Note for diagrams

There is another permitted version of the bicycle lane sign , and of the end bicycle lane sign —see the diagrams in Schedule 3.

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