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Riding with a person on a bicycle trailer

    (1)     The rider of a bicycle must not tow a bicycle trailer with a person in or on the bicycle trailer, unless—

        (a)     the rider is 16 years old, or older; and

        (b)     the person in or on the bicycle trailer is under 10 years old or is 10 years old or older and is exempt from this subrule under subrule (4); and

        (c)     the bicycle trailer can safely carry the person; and

        (d)     the person in or on the bicycle trailer is wearing an approved bicycle helmet securely fitted and fastened on the person's head, unless—

Rule 257(1)(d)(i) amended by S.R. Nos 153/2019 rule 4(Sch.  1 item 12), 111/2021 rule 15(1).

              (i)     a registered medical practitioner has issued a certificate to the person under subrule (3) and the rider complies with subrule (3A); or

              (ii)     the person is exempt from this rule under subrule (3B).

Penalty:     5 penalty units.


Approved bicycle helmet is defined in the dictionary.

    (2)     In this rule—

"bicycle trailer" means a vehicle that is built to be towed, or is towed, by a bicycle.


Vehicle is defined in rule 15.

Rule 257(3) amended by S.R. No. 153/2019 rule 4(Sch.  1 item 12), substituted by S.R. No. 111/2021 rule 15(2).

    (3)     A registered medical practitioner may issue a certificate stating that, because of a disability or medical condition, it is impracticable, undesirable or inexpedient that the person named in the certificate wear a bicycle helmet while in or on a bicycle trailer.

    (3A)     A certificate issued under subrule (3) must be—

        (a)     carried by the rider of the bicycle while the person is in or on the bicycle trailer; and

        (b)     produced by the rider to a police officer or authorised person when requested to do so.

    (3B)     A person in or on a bicycle trailer is exempt from the requirement to wear an approved bicycle helmet under subrule (1)(d) if—

        (a)     the person is a member of a religious group; and

        (b)     the person is wearing a type of headdress customarily worn by members of that group; and

        (c)     the wearing of the headdress makes it impracticable for the person to wear a bicycle helmet.

    (4)     A person in or on a bicycle trailer who is 10 years old or older is exempt from subrule (1)(b) if—

        (a)     the person has a certificate signed by a registered medical practitioner; and

        (b)     the certificate states that the person has a disability or medical condition which makes it desirable, practicable or expedient for the person to continue to ride in or on a bicycle trailer; and

        (c)     the person or the rider of the bicycle complies with the conditions (if any) stated on the certificate; and

        (d)     in the case that a person has a disability or medical condition that is of a temporary nature, the certificate contains an expiry date and has not expired; and

        (e)     the person or the rider of the bicycle is carrying the certificate; and

        (f)     the person or the rider of the bicycle produces the certificate when requested to do so by a police officer or authorised person.

Rule 258 (Heading) amended by S.R. No. 135/2021 rule 86(1).

Rule 258 amended by S.R. No. 135/2021 rule 86(2).

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