Victorian Consolidated Regulations

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Interfering with the driver's control of the vehicle etc.

A passenger in or on a vehicle must not—

        (a)     interfere with the driver's control of the vehicle; or

        (b)     obstruct the driver's view of the road or traffic.

Penalty:     3 penalty units.


1     This Part contains rules about T lights and B lights.
These are traffic signals that operate in the same way as, or together with, traffic lights but apply only to drivers of trams, tram recovery vehicles, public buses and, in the case of B lights, to other vehicles if permitted to drive in a bus lane. An example of a T light is shown in rule 278 and an example of a B light is shown in rule 285.

2     Rule 309 sets out a number of exemptions from these Rules for drivers of trams, tram recovery vehicles and public buses travelling along tram tracks. Some other rules have exceptions for drivers of trams or particular trams.

Division 1—Trams


"Public bus", T lights , tram , tram recovery vehicle and travelling along tram tracks are defined in the dictionary.

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