Victorian Consolidated Regulations

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Division does not apply to certain turns

    (1)     This Division does not apply to—

        (a)     a driver turning right at an intersection where there is a hook turn only sign ; or

Rule 30(1)(b) amended by S.R. No. 135/2021 rule 10(1).

        (b)     the rider of a bicycle or an electric scooter making a hook turn under Division 3; or

        (c)     a driver making a U-turn; or

        (d)     a driver entering or leaving a roundabout.


Note 1 to rule 30(1) amended by S.R. No. 135/2021 rule 10(2).

1     "Bicycle", electric scooter , intersection and U-turn are defined in the dictionary. Roundabout is defined in rule 109.

2     Division 3 of this Part deals with hook turns, Division 4 deals with U-turns and Part 9 deals with entering and leaving a roundabout.

3     For the meaning of "right", see rule 351(2).

    (2)     This Division applies to a driver turning right from a road into a road related area or adjacent land, or from a road related area into a road, as if the driver were turning right at an intersection.


1     Adjacent land is defined in the dictionary. Road related area is defined in rule 13. Adjacent land or a road related area can include a driveway, service station or shopping centre—see the definitions.

2     Rule 74 deals with the give way rules applying to a driver entering a road from a road related area or adjacent land and rule 75 deals with the give way rules applying to a driver entering a road related area or adjacent land from a road. Rule 212 deals with a driver entering and leaving a median strip parking area.

    (3)     In this rule—

"road" does not include a road related area.


A "road related area" includes the shoulder of a road—see rule 13.

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