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           Long Title

   PART I -- Preliminary  

   1.      Short title
   2.      Commencement
   4.      Terms used
   5.      Application of Act

   PART II -- Dispositions and appointments by will  

   6.      Provision that may be made by will
   7.      Age of capacity to make will

   PART III -- Execution of wills  

   8.      Execution generally
   9.      Execution of will exercising power of appointment
   10.     Alterations after execution
   11.     Situation in which person cannot be witness

   PART V -- Revocation of wills  

   14.     Subsequent marriage
   14A.    Ending of marriage
   15.     When will revoked
   16.     How revoked will revived

   PART VI -- Privileged wills  

   17.     Saving for wills and revocations made under former provisions

   PART VII -- Rules as to formal validity of wills  

   20.     General rules as to formal validity
   21.     Ascertainment of system of internal law

   PART VIII -- The construction of wills  

   24.     Change of domicile
   25.     Disposition of interest in property after making of will
   26.     General rules of construction
   27.     Statutory substitutional gift
   28.     Charges on property to be paid primarily out of property charged
   28A.    Use of extrinsic evidence to clarify will

   PART IX -- Illegitimacy  

   29.     Application of Part IX
   30.     Abolition of rule regarding illegitimates not in being
   31.     Determination of relationships

   PART XA -- International wills  

   32A.    Terms used
   32B.    Application of Convention
   32C.    Persons authorised to act in connection with international wills
   32D.    Witnesses to international wills
   32E.    Application of Act to international wills

   PART X -- Informal wills  

   32.     Court may dispense with formal requirements
   33.     Application of section
   38.     Modification of certain references to execution of will

   PART XI -- Wills of persons who lack testamentary capacity

           Division 1 -- Jurisdiction of Supreme Court to authorise the making, alteration and revocation of wills  

   39.     Terms used
   40.     Jurisdiction of Court to make, alter or revoke will
   41.     Content of application under section
   42.      Certain criteria to be applied by Court
   43.     Further powers of Court
   44.     Deposit of wills made under this Part with Principal Registrar
   45.     Court may allow access to will
   46.     Alteration or revocation of will authorised under this PART
   47.     Protection of privacy of persons to whom applications relate

           Division 2 -- Wills of persons who lack testamentary capacity made under the law of another place  

   48.     Recognition of wills

   PART XII -- Rectification of wills by Supreme Court  

   49.     Term used: Court
   50.     Court may rectify will
           SCHEDULE 1 -- Annex to Convention providing a Uniform Law on the Form of an International Will 1973

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