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The People's Movement

For reconciliation to become a reality, it must be part of everyday life in every community in Australia. It has to translate into practical commitments in homes, neighbourhoods, schools, workplaces, clubs, local authorities and in every field of human endeavour. It has to be backed by local and national leadership.

Since the 1997 National Reconciliation Convention consultation process, it has become clear that reconciliation has become a people's movement. The Call to the Nation adopted by acclamation at the Convention called on

"our fellow Australians to join together across this land to build a people's movement toward reconciliation of sufficient breadth and power to guarantee that Australia can truly celebrate the centenary of its nationhood in 2001 confident that it has established a sound foundation for reconciliation"

The People's Movement consists of all the people involved with activities, gestures, commitments and agreements made to reconciliation at the local and regional level. The People's Movement has been growing steadily, which demonstrates to Council the level of commitment to the reconciliation process within the Australian community. The continuation and growth of the People's Movement is essential to making reconciliation a reality, and is a major goal of the Council for Aboriginal Reconciliation.

You can play an important part in the People's Movement by getting your community involved!

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