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Power to hold examinations

    (1)     For the purposes of an investigation, the IBAC may hold an examination.

S. 115(2) inserted by No. 30/2016 s. 29.

    (2)     The IBAC may appoint a person as an examiner to preside at any examination if the person

S. 115(2)(a) amended by No. 11/2021 s. 138(1).

        (a)     would be eligible to be appointed to be the Commissioner in accordance with section 20(2) or, in the case of a Deputy Commissioner who is not eligible under section 20(2), subject to subsection (2A), such a Deputy Commissioner; and

        (b)     has taken an oath or made an affirmation under section 37.

S. 115(2A) inserted by No. 11/2021 s.138(2).

    (2A)     The IBAC must not appoint a Deputy Commissioner who is not eligible under section 20(2) as an examiner unless the IBAC Commissioner is of the opinion that—

        (a)     it is appropriate to do so; and

        (b)     the Deputy Commissioner has the appropriate skills and knowledge to perform the function of examiner.

S. 115(3) inserted by No. 30/2016 s. 29.

    (3)     A consultant appointed under section 36 may be appointed as an examiner if the consultant meets the criteria specified in subsection (2).

S. 115(4) inserted by No. 30/2016 s. 29, amended by No. 11/2021 s. 138(3).

    (4)     A person appointed under subsection (2) may perform any function or exercise any power that the IBAC has under this Part other than under this section or section 117, 132(1), 141, 153(1) or 156(1).

S. 115(5) inserted by No. 30/2016 s. 29.

    (5)     A person appointed under subsection (2) may exercise the powers specified in section 132 as if the person was an IBAC officer authorised to do so by the Commissioner under section 132(1).

S. 115(6) inserted by No. 30/2016 s. 29.

    (6)     For the avoidance of doubt, a person appointed to preside at any examination may preside at a public examination.

S. 115(7) inserted by No. 30/2016 s. 29.

    (7)     The IBAC must as soon as practicable notify the Victorian Inspectorate of any appointment made under subsection (2).

S. 115(8) inserted by No. 30/2016 s. 29.

    (8)     A notice under subsection (7) must specify details of the following—

        (a)     the person appointed;

        (b)     the reasons for the appointment.

S. 116 inserted by No. 28/2012 s. 21 (as amended by No. 82/2012 s. 151(3)).

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