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Examinations generally to be held in private

    (1)     Subject to subsection (2), an examination is not open to the public unless the IBAC considers on reasonable grounds—

        (a)     there are exceptional circumstances; and

        (b)     it is in the public interest to hold a public examination; and

S. 117(1)(c) amended by No. 2/2019 s. 119(1)(a).

        (c)     a public examination can be held without causing unreasonable damage to a person's reputation, safety or wellbeing; and

S. 117(1)(d) inserted by No. 2/2019 s. 119(1)(b).

        (d)     the conduct that is the subject of the investigation may constitute—

              (i)     serious corrupt conduct; or

              (ii)     systemic corrupt conduct; or

              (iii)     serious police personnel misconduct; or

              (iv)     systemic police personnel misconduct.

    (2)     The IBAC must not hold an examination in public if the examination may disclose particulars likely to lead to the identification of a person who has made an assessable disclosure.

S. 117(3) amended by No. 2/2019 s. 57(Sch.  1 Pt A item 11).

    (3)     However, the IBAC may hold an examination in public if the information that may be disclosed is information to which section 53(2)(a), (c) or (d) of the Public Interest Disclosures Act 2012 applies.

S. 117(3A) inserted by No. 2/2019 s. 119(2).

    (3A)     If the IBAC holds an examination in public, the IBAC may hold any part of the examination in private—

        (a)     on application by—

              (i)     a person attending the examination in accordance with a witness summons; or

              (ii)     a person authorised by the IBAC under section 119A to appear at the public examination; or

        (b)     on its own motion.

S. 117(3B) inserted by No. 2/2019 s. 119(2).

    (3B)     In deciding whether or not to hold part of the examination in private, the IBAC may have regard to—

        (a)     whether it is in the public interest to keep that part of the examination open to the public; and

        (b)     whether holding the examination in private is necessary to prevent unreasonable damage to a person's reputation, safety or wellbeing.

S. 117(4) substituted by No. 2/2019 s. 119(3).

    (4)     For the purposes of subsection (1)(b) and (3B)(a), the factors the IBAC may take into account in determining whether or not it is in the public interest to hold a public examination or part of an examination open to the public (as applicable) include, but are not limited to—

        (a)     in the case of an investigation of conduct that may constitute serious corrupt conduct or serious police personnel misconduct—whether the conduct relates to an individual or is an isolated incident or systemic in nature; and

        (b)     in the case of an investigation of conduct that may constitute systemic corrupt conduct or systemic police personnel misconduct—the seriousness of the matter being investigated; and

        (c)     the benefit of exposing to the public, and making the public aware of, corrupt conduct or police personnel misconduct.

S. 117(5) amended by No. 2/2019 s. 119(4).

    (5)     Not less than 10 business days before a public examination is held, the IBAC must—

        (a)     inform the Victorian Inspectorate that the IBAC intends to hold the public examination; and

        (b)     provide a written report to the Victorian Inspectorate giving the reasons the IBAC decided to hold a public examination in accordance with subsection (1).

S. 117(5A) inserted by No. 2/2019 s. 119(5).

    (5A)     The IBAC must not make a public announcement of its intention to hold a public examination for the purposes of an investigation unless the IBAC has notified the Victorian Inspectorate in accordance with subsection (5) of its intention to do so.

    (6)     A judicial officer is not required to attend a public examination but may consent to doing so.

S. 118 inserted by No. 28/2012 s. 21 (as amended by No. 82/2012 s. 151(3)), amended by No. 30/2016 s. 30 (ILA s. 39B(1)).

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