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CRIMES ACT 1900 - SECT 154

Additional offences on territory premises

    (1)     A person who, without reasonable excuse, trespasses on government premises commits an offence.

Maximum penalty: 1 penalty unit, imprisonment for 1 month or both.

    (2)     A person who—

        (a)     engages in unreasonable obstruction in relation to the passage of persons or vehicles into, out of, or on government premises, or otherwise in relation to the use of government premises; or

        (b)     being in or on government premises, behaves in an offensive or disorderly manner; or

        (c)     being in or on government premises, refuses or neglects, without reasonable excuse, to leave those premises on being directed to do so by a police officer or by a person authorised in writing by a Minister or the territory authority occupying the premises to give directions for this section;

commits an offence.

Maximum penalty: 2.5 penalty units, imprisonment for 3 months or both.

    (3)     In this section:

"government premises" means any land, building or part of a building occupied by the Territory or a territory authority.

"unreasonable obstruction" means anything done by someone that is, or contributes to, an obstruction of or interference with the exercise or enjoyment by other people of their lawful rights or privileges (including rights of passage on public streets) that is unreasonable in all the circumstances (including the place, time, length and nature of the obstruction or interference).

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