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CRIMES ACT 1900 - SECT 253

Interpretation for pt 11

    (1)     In this part:

"appropriate authority", in relation to a State or another Territory, means an authority exercising in relation to the police force of that State or Territory functions corresponding to those of the commissioner of police in relation to the Australian Federal Police.

"corresponding law" means a law of a State or another Territory declared under section 254 to be a corresponding law.

"night" means the period commencing at 7 pm in each evening and ending at 7 am in the following morning.

"offence to which this Act applies" means an offence punishable by imprisonment for longer than 12 months against the law of a reciprocating State (being an offence arising from an act, omission or state of affairs that, if done or occurring in the ACT would attract criminal liability under the law of the ACT).

"owner", in relation to an object, includes a person entitled to possession of the object.

"premises" means a building, structure or place (whether or not built on and whether enclosed or unenclosed), and includes an aircraft, vessel or vehicle.

"reciprocating State" means a State or another Territory—

        (a)     where a corresponding law is in force; and

        (b)     in relation to which arrangements are in force under section 258.

"search warrant" means a warrant under this part authorising a search of premises.

"telephone" includes any telecommunication device.

    (2)     For this part—

        (a)     anything obtained by the commission of an offence, used for the purpose of committing an offence, or in respect of which an offence has been committed; or

        (b)     anything that may afford evidence of the commission of an offence; or

        (c)     anything intended to be used for the purpose of committing an offence;

is an object relevant to the investigation of the offence.

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