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Offences against Act—application of Criminal Code etc

Other legislation applies in relation to offences against this Act.

Note 1     Criminal Code

The Criminal Code

, ch 2 applies to the following offences against this Act (see Code, pt 2.1):

              •     s 26A (Assault of frontline community service provider)

              •     s 28AA (Food or drink spiking)

              •     s 28A (Throwing etc objects at vehicles)

              •     s 28B (Discharging firearm at building or conveyance)

              •     s 29A (Driving motor vehicle at police)

              •     s 29B (Damaging police vehicle)

              •     s 35A (Affray)

              •     s 36A (Abuse of vulnerable person)

              •     s 36B (Failure to protect vulnerable person from criminal offence)

              •     s 36C (Neglect of vulnerable person)

              •     s 61B (Intimate observations or capturing visual data etc)

              •     s 63A (Bestiality)

              •     s 64 (Using child for production of child exploitation material etc)

              •     s 64A (Trading in child exploitation material)

              •     s 65 (Possessing child exploitation material)

              •     s 72C (Non-consensual distribution of intimate images)

              •     s 72D (Distribution of intimate image of young person)

              •     s 72E (Threaten to capture or distribute intimate images)

              •     s 72H (Court may order rectification)

              •     s 114B (Money laundering)

              •     s 114C (Possession etc of property suspected of being proceeds of crime)

              •     s 114D (1) (Organised fraud)

              •     s 119 (Defacing premises)

              •     s 120 (Defacing premises––strict liability)

              •     s 171 (Prescribing and supplying anabolic steroids)

              •     s 172 (Possessing anabolic steroids)

              •     s 173 (Administering anabolic steroids)

              •     s 252ZA (Premises must not be fortified)

              •     s 252ZB (Fortification must not be replaced or restored)

              •     s 393A (Urinating in public place)

              •     s 394 (Noise abatement directions)

              •     s 439 (Offence of criminal defamation).

The chapter sets out the general principles of criminal responsibility (including burdens of proof and general defences), and defines terms used for offences to which the Code applies (eg "conduct", "intention", recklessness and strict liability ).

Note 2     Penalty units

The Legislation Act

, s 133 deals with the meaning of offence penalties that are expressed in penalty units.

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