Commonwealth Consolidated Acts

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           Long Title


   1.      Short title  
   2.      Commencement  
   3.      Principal object of this Act  
   4.      Act extends to the external Territories  
   5.      Act extends to things outside Australia  
   6.      Definitions  


           Division 1--Issue of Australian travel documents

              Subdivision A--Issue of Australian passports

   7.      Australian citizen is entitled to be issued an Australian passport  
   8.      Minister to be satisfied of person's citizenship and identity  

              Subdivision B--Issue of travel-related documents

   9.      Minister may issue travel - related documents  
   10.     Minister to be satisfied of person's identity  

           Division 2--Reasons the Minister may refuse to issue an Australian travel document

              Subdivision A--Children

   11.     Reasons relating to child without parental consent or court order for travel  

              Subdivision B--Law enforcement and security

   12.     Reasons relating to Australian law enforcement matters  
   13.     Reasons relating to international law enforcement cooperation  
   14.     Reasons relating to potential for harmful conduct  

              Subdivision C--Administrative reasons

   15.     Reasons relating to repeated loss or thefts  
   16.     Reasons relating to financial assistance to travellers  
   17.     Reasons relating to concurrently valid or suspended Australian travel document  

              Subdivision D--Matters relating to requests by competent authorities

   18.     Refusal/cancellation requests  
   19.     Acting on refusal/cancellation requests  

           Division 2A--Reasons the Minister may refuse to process an application for an Australian travel document

   19A.    Reasons relating to fraud or dishonesty in application for Australian travel document  

           Division 3--When Australian travel documents are not valid

   20.     When Australian travel documents are not valid  
   22.     When an Australian travel document may be cancelled  
   22AA.   When an Australian passport must be cancelled  
   22A.    Suspension of Australian travel document  


   23.     Demand for surrender of suspicious Australian travel document  
   24.     Demand for surrender of cancelled or invalid Australian travel document  
   24A.    Demand for surrender of suspended Australian travel document  
   25.     Demand for surrender of debtor's Australian travel document  
   26.     Customs officers may seize a suspicious document  


           Division 1--Preliminary

   27.     Definitions  
   28.     Geographical jurisdiction  

           Division 2--Offences

   29.     Making false or misleading statements in relation to Australian travel documents  
   30.     Giving false or misleading information in relation to Australian travel documents  
   31.     Producing false or misleading documents in relation to Australian travel documents  
   32.     Improper use or possession of an Australian travel document  
   32A.    Possessing false Australian travel documents  
   33.     Selling a genuine or false Australian travel document  
   34.     Damaging or interfering with an Australian travel document  
   35.     Dishonestly obtaining an Australian travel document  
   36.     Making or providing false Australian travel documents  
   37.     Bringing, taking or sending a document across international borders  
   38.     Issue of passport contrary to this Act  
   39.     Issue of travel - related document contrary to this Act or Minister's determination  
   40.     Abuse of public office  
   41.     Failure to notify officer of lost or stolen Australian travel document  


           Division 1--Information relating to Australian travel documents

   42.     Disclosure of personal information for the purposes of this Act  
   43.     Minister may determine information required for the purpose of satisfying Minister of person's citizenship and identity etc.  
   44.     Method of disclosing information to Minister  
   45.     Minister may disclose information about Australian travel documents that are lost, stolen or otherwise invalid  
   46.     Minister may disclose information for particular purposes  

           Division 2--Methods of performing functions under this Act

   47.     Minister may determine particular methods and technologies  

           Division 3--Review of decisions about Australian travel documents

   48.     Reviewable decisions  
   48A.    When notice of refusal or cancellation of Australian travel document is not required  
   49.     Review by Minister of decisions made by Minister's delegate  
   50.     Review by Administrative Appeals Tribunal of decisions made by Minister  

           Division 4--Officers and delegates

   51.     Delegation of Minister's powers  
   52.     Authorisation of persons as officers  


   53.     Form of Australian travel documents  
   54.     Australian travel documents are the property of the Commonwealth  
   55.     Endorsements and observations  
   56.     Application fees  
   57.     Minister's determinations  
   58.     Regulations  

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