Queensland Consolidated Acts

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Female genital mutilation

323A Female genital mutilation

(1) Any person who performs female genital mutilation on another person is guilty of a crime.
Maximum penalty—14 years imprisonment.
(2) It is not a defence that the other person, or, if the other person is a child, a parent or guardian of the other person, consented to the mutilation.
(3) In this section—

"female genital mutilation" means—
(a) clitoridectomy; or
(b) excision of any other part of the female genitalia; or
(c) a procedure to narrow or close the vaginal opening; or
(d) any other mutilation of the female genitalia;
but does not include—
(e) a sexual reassignment procedure; or
(f) a medical procedure for a genuine therapeutic purpose.

"medical procedure for a genuine therapeutic purpose" means a medical procedure that is—
(a) directed only at curing or alleviating a physiological disability, physical abnormality, psychological disorder or pathological condition; or
(b) performed on a person in labour or who has just given birth and directed only at alleviating physical symptoms in relation to the labour or birth or for other medical purposes; or
(c) performed on a person who has been subjected to female genital mutilation and directed only at treating the effects, or to reversing the effects, of the previous mutilation.

"sexual reassignment procedure" means a surgical procedure to give a person the genital appearance of a particular sex, whether male or female.

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