Queensland Consolidated Acts

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   1.      1 Definitions
   2.      2 Definition of offence
   3.      3 Division of offences
   4.      4 Attempts to commit offences
   5.      5 Arrest without warrant
   6.      6 Carnal knowledge
   7.      7 Principal offenders
   8.      8 Offences committed in prosecution of common purpose
   9.      9 Mode of execution immaterial
   10.     10 Accessories after the fact
   10A.    10A Interpretation of ch 2
   11.     11 Effect of changes in law
   12.     12 Application of Code as to offences wholly or partially committed in Queensland
   13.     13 Offences enabled, aided, procured or counselled by persons out of Queensland
   14.     14 Offences procured in Queensland to be committed out of Queensland
   15.     15 Defence Force
   16.     16 Person not to be twice punished for same offence
   17.     17 Former conviction or acquittal
   18.     18 Royal prerogative of mercy
   22.     22 Ignorance of the law—bona fide claim of right
   23.     23 Intention—motive
   24.     24 Mistake of fact
   25.     25 Extraordinary emergencies
   26.     26 Presumption of sanity
   27.     27 Insanity
   28.     28 Intoxication
   29.     29 Immature age
   30.     30 Judicial officers
   31.     31 Justification and excuse—compulsion
   34.     34 Offences by partners and members of companies with respect to partnership or corporate property
   36.     36 Application of rules
   44.     44 Definition of seditious intention
   45.     45 Innocent intentions
   46.     46 Definition of seditious enterprises etc.
   51.     51 Unlawful drilling
   52.     52 Sedition
   53.     53 Evidence of proceedings in the Assembly allowed for prosecution
   54.     54 Interference with Governor or Ministers
   54A.    54A Demands with menaces upon agencies of government
   55.     55 Interference with the Legislature
   56.     56 Disturbing the Legislature
   56A.    56A Disturbance in House when Parliament not sitting
   56B.    56B Going armed to Parliament House
   57.     57 False evidence before Parliament
   58.     58 Witness refusing to attend, answer question or produce a thing before Legislative Assembly or authorised committee
   59.     59 Member of Parliament receiving bribes
   60.     60 Bribery of member of Parliament
   60A.    60A Participants in criminal organisation being knowingly present in public places
   60B.    60B Participants in criminal organisation entering prescribed places and attending prescribed events
   61.     61 Riot
   69.     69 Going armed so as to cause fear
   70.     70 Forcible entry
   71.     71 Forcible detainer
   72.     72 Affray
   74.     74 Prize fight
   75.     75 Threatening violence
   76.     76 Recruiting person to become participant in criminal organisation
   77.     77 Definitions for chapter
   77A.    77A Meaning of consort
   77B.    77B Habitually consorting with recognised offenders
   77C.    77C Particular acts of consorting to be disregarded
   78.     78 Interfering with political liberty
   79.     79 Definition of act of piracy
   80.     80 Crime of piracy
   85.     85 Disclosure of official secrets
   86.     86 Obtaining of or disclosure of secret information about the identity of informant
   87.     87 Official corruption
   88.     88 Extortion by public officers
   89.     89 Public officers interested in contracts
   90.     90 Officers charged with administration of property of a special character or with special duties
   91.     91 False claims by officials
   92.     92 Abuse of office
   92A.    92A Misconduct in relation to public office
   93.     93 Corruption of surveyor and valuator
   94.     94 False certificates by public officers
   95.     95 Administering extrajudicial oaths
   96.     96 False assumption of authority
   97.     97 Personating public officers
   98.     98 Definitions
   98A.    98A Reference to election or referendum
   98B.    98B False or misleading information
   98C.    98C Bribery
   98D.    98D Forging or uttering electoral or referendum paper
   98E.    98E Influencing voting
   98F.    98F Providing money for illegal payments
   98G.    98G Voting if not entitled
   98H.    98H Application of ch div 3
   99.     99 Voting if not entitled
   100.    100 Hindering or interfering with voting conduct
   101.    101 Bribery
   102.    102 Publishing false information about a candidate
   103.    103 Providing money for illegal payments
   104.    104 Election notices to contain particular matters
   107.    107 Corrupt and illegal practices—time
   108.    108 Interfering at elections
   109.    109 Electors attempting to violate secrecy of ballot
   110.    110 Stuffing ballot boxes
   111.    111 Presiding officer helping an elector with a disability
   112.    112 False or misleading information
   113.    113 Interfering with secrecy at elections
   114.    114 Breaking the seal of a parcel at elections
   118.    118 Bargaining for offices in public service
   119.    119 Definitions for ch 16
   119A.   119A Meaning of family
   119B.   119B Retaliation against or intimidation of judicial officer, juror, witness etc.
   120.    120 Judicial corruption
   121.    121 Official corruption not judicial but relating to offences
   122.    122 Corruption of jurors
   123.    123 Perjury
   123A.   123A Perjury—contradictory statements
   124.    124 Punishment of perjury
   125.    125 Evidence on charge of perjury
   126.    126 Fabricating evidence
   127.    127 Corruption of witnesses
   128.    128 Deceiving witnesses
   129.    129 Damaging evidence with intent
   130.    130 Preventing witnesses from attending
   131.    131 Conspiracy to bring false accusation
   132.    132 Conspiring to defeat justice
   133.    133 Compounding an indictable offence
   136.    136 Justices exercising jurisdiction in a matter of personal interest
   137.    137 Delay to take person arrested before magistrate
   139.    139 Inserting advertisement without authority of court
   140.    140 Attempting to pervert justice
   141.    141 Aiding persons to escape from lawful custody
   142.    142 Escape by persons in lawful custody
   143.    143 Permitting escape
   144.    144 Harbouring escaped prisoners etc.
   145A.   145A Sections 141 to 144 do not apply to certain types of custody
   145B.   145B Evidence of lawful custody
   147.    147 Removing etc. property under lawful seizure
   148.    148 Obstructing officers of courts of justice
   193.    193 False verified statements
   194.    194 False declarations
   195.    195 Evidence
   195A.   195A Contradictory statements—false statements or declarations
   199.    199 Resisting public officers
   200.    200 Refusal by public officer to perform duty
   204.    204 Disobedience to statute law
   205.    205 Disobedience to lawful order issued by statutory authority
   205A.   205A Contravening order about information necessary to access information stored electronically
   206.    206 Offering violence to officiating ministers of religion
   207.    207 Disturbing religious worship
   207A.   207A Definitions for this chapter
   210.    210 Indecent treatment of children under 16
   211.    211 Bestiality
   213.    213 Owner etc. permitting abuse of children on premises
   215.    215 Carnal knowledge with or of children under 16
   216.    216 Abuse of persons with an impairment of the mind
   217.    217 Procuring young person etc. for carnal knowledge
   218.    218 Procuring sexual acts by coercion etc.
   218A.   218A Using internet etc. to procure children under 16
   218B.   218B Grooming children under 16
   219.    219 Taking child for immoral purposes
   221.    221 Conspiracy to defile
   222.    222 Incest
   224.    224 Attempts to procure abortion
   225.    225 The like by women with child
   226.    226 Supplying drugs or instruments to procure abortion
   227.    227 Indecent acts
   227A.   227A Observations or recordings in breach of privacy
   227B.   227B Distributing prohibited visual recordings
   227C.   227C Persons who are not criminally responsible for offences against ss 227A and 227B
   228.    228 Obscene publications and exhibitions
   228A.   228A Involving child in making child exploitation material
   228B.   228B Making child exploitation material
   228C.   228C Distributing child exploitation material
   228D.   228D Possessing child exploitation material
   228DA.  228DA Administering child exploitation material website
   228DB.  228DB Encouraging use of child exploitation material website
   228DC.  228DC Distributing information about avoiding detection
   228E.   228E Defences for ss 228A–228DC
   228F.   228F Excluding non-essential persons from court when child exploitation material displayed
   228G.   228G Forfeiture of child exploitation material etc.
   228H.   228H Possession etc. of child exploitation material by law enforcement officer
   229.    229 Knowledge of age immaterial
   229B.   229B Maintaining a sexual relationship with a child
   229C.   229C Definitions for ch 22A
   229D.   229D Meaning of sexual intercourse for ch 22A
   229E.   229E Meaning of prostitution
   229F.   229F Meaning of carry on a business
   229FA.  229FA Obtaining prostitution from person who is not an adult
   229G.   229G Procuring engagement in prostitution
   229H.   229H Knowingly participating in provision of prostitution
   229HA.  229HA When section 229H does not apply to a person
   229HB.  229HB Carrying on business of providing unlawful prostitution
   229HC.  229HC Persons engaging in or obtaining prostitution through unlawful prostitution business
   229I.   229I Persons found in places reasonably suspected of being used for prostitution etc.
   229J.   229J Certificate of discharge for particular offences
   229K.   229K Having an interest in premises used for prostitution etc.
   229L.   229L Permitting young person etc. to be at place used for prostitution
   229M.   229M Evidence that business of prostitution is being carried on
   229N.   229N Evidence that place is being used for prostitution
   229O.   229O Non-compellability of health service providers
   230A.   230A Definitions for ch 23
   230.    230 Common nuisances
   232.    232 Operating a place for unlawful games
   233.    233 Possession of thing used to play an unlawful game
   234.    234 Conducting or playing unlawful games
   236.    236 Misconduct with regard to corpses
   238.    238 Contamination of goods
   239.    239 Hoax contamination of goods
   240.    240 Dealing in contaminated goods
   241.    241 Definitions for ch 24
   242.    242 Serious animal cruelty
   245.    245 Definition of assault
   246.    246 Assaults unlawful
   247.    247 Execution of sentence
   248.    248 Execution of process
   249.    249 Execution of warrants
   250.    250 Erroneous sentence or process or warrant
   251.    251 Sentence or process or warrant without jurisdiction
   252.    252 Arrest of wrong person
   253.    253 Irregular process or warrant
   254.    254 Force used in executing process or in arrest
   255.    255 Duty of persons arresting
   257.    257 Other cases of preventing escape from arrest
   258.    258 Preventing escape or rescue after arrest
   260.    260 Preventing a breach of the peace
   261.    261 Suppression of riot
   262.    262 Suppression of riot by magistrates
   263.    263 Suppression of riot by person acting under lawful orders
   264.    264 Suppression of riot by person acting without order in case of emergency
   265.    265 Riot—persons subject to military law
   266.    266 Prevention of crimes and offences for which an offender may be arrested without warrant—prevention of violence by particular persons
   267.    267 Defence of dwelling
   268.    268 Provocation
   269.    269 Defence of provocation
   270.    270 Prevention of repetition of insult
   271.    271 Self-defence against unprovoked assault
   272.    272 Self-defence against provoked assault
   273.    273 Aiding in self-defence
   274.    274 Defence of moveable property against trespassers
   275.    275 Defence of moveable property with claim of right
   276.    276 Defence of moveable property without claim of right
   277.    277 Defence of premises against trespassers—removal of disorderly persons
   278.    278 Defence of possession of real property or vessel with claim of right
   279.    279 Exercise of right of way or easement
   280.    280 Domestic discipline
   281.    281 Discipline of vehicle
   282.    282 Surgical operations and medical treatment
   282A.   282A Palliative care
   283.    283 Excessive force
   284.    284 Consent to death immaterial
   285.    285 Duty to provide necessaries
   286.    286 Duty of person who has care of child
   288.    288 Duty of persons doing dangerous acts
   289.    289 Duty of persons in charge of dangerous things
   290.    290 Duty to do certain acts
   291.    291 Killing of a human being unlawful
   292.    292 When a child becomes a human being
   293.    293 Definition of killing
   294.    294 Death by acts done at childbirth
   295.    295 Causing death by threats
   296.    296 Acceleration of death
   297.    297 When injury or death might be prevented by proper precaution
   298.    298 Injuries causing death in consequence of subsequent treatment
   300.    300 Unlawful homicide
   302.    302 Definition of murder
   303.    303 Definition of manslaughter
   304.    304 Killing on provocation
   304A.   304A Diminished responsibility
   304B.   304B Killing for preservation in an abusive domestic relationship
   305.    305 Punishment of murder
   306.    306 Attempt to murder
   307.    307 Accessory after the fact to murder
   308.    308 Threats to murder in document
   309.    309 Conspiring to murder
   310.    310 Punishment of manslaughter
   311.    311 Aiding suicide
   313.    313 Killing unborn child
   314.    314 Concealing the birth of children
   314A.   314A Unlawful striking causing death
   315.    315 Disabling in order to commit indictable offence
   315A.   315A Choking, suffocation or strangulation in a domestic setting
   316.    316 Stupefying in order to commit indictable offence
   316A.   316A Unlawful drink spiking
   317.    317 Acts intended to cause grievous bodily harm and other malicious acts
   317A.   317A Carrying or sending dangerous goods in a vehicle
   318.    318 Obstructing rescue or escape from unsafe premises
   319.    319 Endangering the safety of a person in a vehicle with intent
   320.    320 Grievous bodily harm
   320A.   320A Torture
   321.    321 Attempting to injure by explosive or noxious substances
   321A.   321A Bomb hoaxes
   322.    322 Administering poison with intent to harm
   323.    323 Wounding
   323A.   323A Female genital mutilation
   323B.   323B Removal of child from State for female genital mutilation
   324.    324 Failure to supply necessaries
   326.    326 Endangering life of children by exposure
   327.    327 Setting mantraps
   328.    328 Negligent acts causing harm
   328A.   328A Dangerous operation of a vehicle
   328B.   328B Additional power to convict for dangerous operation of a vehicle
   329.    329 Endangering safety of persons travelling by railway
   330.    330 Sending or taking unseaworthy ships to sea
   333.    333 Evading laws as to equipment of ships
   334.    334 Landing explosives
   335.    335 Common assault
   338A.   338A Assaults of member of crew on aircraft
   339.    339 Assaults occasioning bodily harm
   340.    340 Serious assaults
   346.    346 Assaults in interference with freedom of trade or work
   347.    347 Definitions for ch 32
   348.    348 Meaning of consent
   349.    349 Rape
   350.    350 Attempt to commit rape
   351.    351 Assault with intent to commit rape
   352.    352 Sexual assaults
   354.    354 Kidnapping
   354A.   354A Kidnapping for ransom
   355.    355 Deprivation of liberty
   356.    356 False certificates by officers charged with duties relating to liberty
   357.    357 Concealment of matters affecting liberty
   358.    358 Unlawful custody of particular persons
   359.    359 Threats
   359A.   359A Definitions for ch 33A
   359B.   359B What is unlawful stalking
   359C.   359C What is immaterial for unlawful stalking
   359D.   359D Particular conduct that is not unlawful stalking
   359E.   359E Punishment of unlawful stalking
   359F.   359F Court may restrain unlawful stalking
   360.    360 Bigamy
   361.    361 Unlawful celebration of marriage
   362.    362 Unqualified persons procuring registration as persons qualified to celebrate marriages
   363.    363 Child-stealing
   363A.   363A Abduction of child under 16
   364.    364 Cruelty to children under 16
   364A.   364A Leaving a child under 12 unattended
   365.    365 Criminal defamation
   365A.   365A Application of ch 35A
   365B.   365B Application of defences
   365C.   365C Proof of being adversely affected by an intoxicating substance
   390.    390 Things capable of being stolen
   391.    391 Definition of stealing
   392.    392 Special cases
   393.    393 Funds etc. held under direction
   394.    394 Funds etc. received by agents for sale
   395.    395 Money received for another
   396.    396 Stealing by persons having an interest in the thing stolen
   398.    398 Punishment of stealing
   399.    399 Fraudulent concealment of particular documents
   403.    403 Severing with intent to steal
   406.    406 Bringing stolen goods into Queensland
   408A.   408A Unlawful use or possession of motor vehicles, aircraft or vessels
   408C.   408C Fraud
   408D.   408D Obtaining or dealing with identification information
   408E.   408E Computer hacking and misuse
   409.    409 Definition of robbery
   411.    411 Punishment of robbery
   412.    412 Attempted robbery
   413.    413 Assault with intent to steal
   414.    414 Demanding property with menaces with intent to steal
   415.    415 Extortion
   417A.   417A Taking control of aircraft
   418.    418 Definitions
   419.    419 Burglary
   421.    421 Entering or being in premises and committing indictable offences
   425.    425 Possession of things used in connection with unlawful entry
   427.    427 Unlawful entry of vehicle for committing indictable offence
   427A.   427A Obtaining property by passing valueless cheques
   430.    430 Fraudulent falsification of records
   431.    431 False accounting by public officer
   432.    432 What is tainted property for ch 41
   433.    433 Receiving tainted property
   435.    435 Taking reward for recovery of property obtained by way of indictable offences
   442A.   442A Definitions
   442B.   442B Receipt or solicitation of secret commission by an agent
   442BA.  442BA Gift or offer of secret commission to an agent
   442C.   442C Secret gifts received by parent, spouse, child, partner etc. of agent
   442D.   442D False or misleading receipt or account
   442E.   442E Secret commission for advice given
   442EA.  442EA Offer or solicitation of secret commission in return for advice given or to be given
   442F.   442F Secret commission to trustee in return for substituted appointment
   442G.   442G Liability of director etc. acting without authority
   442I.   442I Penalty on conviction
   442J.   442J Court may order withdrawal of trifling or technical cases
   442K.   442K Witness giving answers criminating himself or herself
   442L.   442L Certificate to witness
   442M.   442M Custom of itself no defence
   443.    443 Definitions for ch 43
   443A.   443A Engaging in match-fixing conduct
   443B.   443B Facilitating match-fixing conduct or match-fixing arrangement
   443C.   443C Offering or giving benefit, or causing or threatening detriment, to engage in match-fixing conduct or match-fixing arrangement
   443D.   443D Using or disclosing knowledge of match-fixing conduct or match-fixing arrangement for betting
   443E.   443E Encouraging person not to disclose match-fixing conduct or match-fixing arrangement
   443F.   443F Using or disclosing inside knowledge for betting
   443G.   443G Evidentiary provision
   444A.   444A Killing animals with intent to steal
   444B.   444B Using registered brands with criminal intention
   445.    445 Unlawfully using stock
   446.    446 Suspicion of stealing stock
   447.    447 Illegal branding
   448.    448 Defacing brands
   448A.   448A Having in possession stock with defaced brand
   450A.   450A Arrest without warrant
   450B.   450B Warrant in first instance
   450D.   450D Definitions for ch 44A
   450E.   450E Duty of police officer who seizes an animal connected with a charge
   450EA.  450EA Admissibility of adequate prescribed record
   450EB.  450EB Application for stock disposal order
   450EC.  450EC Affidavit to accompany application
   450ED.  450ED When order may be made if party disputes making of order
   450EE.  450EE Order if no dispute
   450EF.  450EF Content of order
   450EG.  450EG Security for costs of keeping animal
   450EH.  450EH Clear title to animal for sale under order
   450EI.  450EI Unavailability of animal at trial
   450EJ.  450EJ Effect of defendant not objecting to animal's return to its owner
   450F.   450F Animal valuers and valuations
   450H.   450H Licence disqualification where commission of offence facilitated by licence or use of vehicle
   450I.   450I Forfeiture in cases of conviction for offences under specified sections
   458.    458 Unlawful acts
   459.    459 Acts done with intent to defraud
   461.    461 Arson
   462.    462 Endangering particular property by fire
   463.    463 Setting fire to crops and growing plants
   467.    467 Endangering the safe use of vehicles and related transport infrastructure
   468.    468 Injuring animals
   469.    469 Wilful damage
   470.    470 Attempts to destroy property by explosives
   470A.   470A Unlawful deposition of explosive or noxious substances
   471.    471 Damaging mines
   472.    472 Interfering with marine signals
   473.    473 Interfering with navigation works
   474.    474 Communicating infectious diseases to animals
   475.    475 Travelling with infected animals
   477.    477 Obstructing railways
   478.    478 Sending letters threatening to burn or destroy
   479.    479 Arrest without warrant
   484.    484 Definitions
   488.    488 Forgery and uttering
   498.    498 Falsifying warrants for money payable under public authority
   499.    499 Falsification of registers
   500.    500 Sending false certificate of marriage to registrar
   501.    501 False statements for the purpose of registers of births, deaths, and marriages
   501A.   501A Contradictory statements
   502.    502 Procuring or claiming unauthorised status
   510.    510 Instruments and materials for forgery
   514.    514 Personation in general
   515.    515 Falsely acknowledging deeds, recognisances etc.
   533.    533 Mixing uncertified with certified articles
   535.    535 Attempts to commit indictable offences
   536.    536 Punishment of attempts to commit indictable offences
   538.    538 Reduction of punishment
   539.    539 Attempts to procure commission of criminal acts
   540.    540 Preparation to commit crimes with dangerous things
   541.    541 Conspiracy to commit crime
   542.    542 Conspiracy to commit other offences
   543.    543 Other conspiracies
   543A.   543A Industrial disputes
   544.    544 Accessories after the fact to offences
   545.    545 Punishment of accessories after the fact to offences
   545A.   545A Chapter does not apply to police officers
   546.    546 Arrest without warrant generally
   547.    547 Arrest without warrant in special cases
   547A.   547A Arrest of persons found committing offences on aircraft
   548.    548 Arrest of persons found committing offences
   549.    549 Arrest of offender committing indictable offences by night
   550.    550 Arrest during flight
   551.    551 Arrest of persons offering stolen property for sale etc.
   552.    552 Duty of persons arresting
   552A.   552A Charges of indictable offences that must be heard and decided summarily on prosecution election
   552B.   552B Charges of indictable offences that must be heard and decided summarily unless defendant elects for jury trial
   552BA.  552BA Charges of indictable offences that must be heard and decided summarily
   552BB.  552BB Excluded offences
   552C.   552C Constitution of Magistrates Court
   552D.   552D When Magistrates Court must abstain from jurisdiction
   552E.   552E Charge may be heard and decided where defendant arrested or served
   552F.   552F Time for prosecution
   552G.   552G Value of property affecting jurisdiction to be decided by Magistrates Court
   552H.   552H Maximum penalty for indictable offences dealt with summarily
   552I.   552I Procedure under s 552B
   552J.   552J Appeals against decision to decide charge summarily
   553.    553 Jurisdiction
   554.    554 Preliminary proceedings on charges of indictable offences
   557.    557 Place of trial
   558.    558 Persons brought before wrong court
   559.    559 Change of place of trial
   559A.   559A Definition for ch 60
   560.    560 Presenting indictments
   560A.   560A Place where indictment is presented
   561.    561 Ex officio indictments
   562.    562 Arrest of person charged in ex officio indictment
   563.    563 Nolle prosequi
   564.    564 Form of indictment
   565.    565 General rules applicable to indictments
   566.    566 Particular indictments
   567.    567 Joinder of charges
   568.    568 Cases in which several charges may be joined
   569.    569 Accessories
   570.    570 Statement of previous conviction
   571.    571 Formal defects
   572.    572 Amendment of indictments
   573.    573 Particulars
   574.    574 Summary convictions
   575.    575 Offences involving circumstances of aggravation
   576.    576 Indictment containing count of murder or manslaughter
   577.    577 Charge of homicide of child
   578.    578 Charge of offence of a sexual nature
   579.    579 Charge of specific injury—charge of injury with specific intent
   580.    580 Charge of injury to property
   581.    581 Offences of dishonesty
   582.    582 Charge of procuring commission of offence or wrongful act
   583.    583 Conviction for attempt to commit offence
   584.    584 When evidence shows offence of similar nature
   585.    585 Effect of conviction
   586.    586 Corrupt practices
   587.    587 Illegal practices
   588.    588 Charge of stealing stock
   588A.   588A Charges of stealing certain animals and of killing certain animals with intent to steal
   589.    589 Indictment for joint receiving
   589A.   589A Indictment for using or disclosing knowledge of match-fixing conduct or match-fixing arrangement for betting
   590.    590 Bringing accused to trial
   590AA.  590AA Pre-trial directions and rulings
   590AAA. 590AAA Noncompliance with direction about disclosure
   590AB.  590AB Disclosure obligation
   590AC.  590AC Chapter division does not have particular consequences
   590AD.  590AD Definitions for ch div 3
   590AE.  590AE Meaning of possession of the prosecution
   590AF.  590AF Meaning of sensitive evidence
   590AFA. 590AFA Meaning of Evidence Act section 93A device statement
   590AG.  590AG Particular references to an accused person include references to a lawyer acting for the accused person
   590AH.  590AH Disclosure that must always be made
   590AI.  590AI When mandatory disclosure must be made
   590AJ.  590AJ Disclosure that must be made on request
   590AK.  590AK When requested disclosure must be made
   590AL.  590AL Ongoing obligation to disclose
   590AM.  590AM How disclosure may be made
   590AN.  590AN Limit on disclosure of things accused person already has
   590AO.  590AO Limit on disclosure of sensitive evidence
   590AOA. 590AOA Evidence Act section 93A device statement
   590AP.  590AP Limit on disclosure of witness contact details
   590AQ.  590AQ Limit on disclosure contrary to the public interest
   590AR.  590AR Viewing evidence that is not original evidence
   590AS.  590AS Viewing particular evidence
   590AT.  590AT Accused person may waive entitlement
   590AU.  590AU Court may waive requirement
   590AV.  590AV Disclosure directions under particular provisions
   590AW.  590AW When issues about disclosure must be resolved
   590AX.  590AX Unauthorised copying of sensitive evidence
   590A.   590A Notice of alibi
   590B.   590B Advance notice of expert evidence
   590C.   590C Advance notice of representation if person who made it is unavailable
   590D.   590D Purpose and scope of ch div 4A
   590E.   590E Definitions for ch div 4A
   590F.   590F Subject matter for disclosure obligation direction
   590G.   590G Application for disclosure obligation direction
   591.    591 Accelerating trial of persons not under committal
   592.    592 Adjournment of trial
   593.    593 Directions as to trial upon adjournment
   593A.   593A Warrant to bring witness before court
   594A.   594A Presence in court and plea where accused person is a corporation
   595.    595 Delivery of copy of indictment
   596.    596 Motion to quash indictment
   597.    597 Misnomer
   597A.   597A Separate trials where 2 or more charges against the same person
   597B.   597B Separate trials
   597C.   597C Accused person to be called on to plead to indictment
   598.    598 Pleas
   599.    599 Defence of justification for defamation to be specially pleaded
   600.    600 Persons committed for sentence
   601.    601 Standing mute
   602.    602 Plea of autrefois convict or autrefois acquit
   603.    603 Trial on plea to the jurisdiction
   604.    604 Trial by jury
   605.    605 Demurrer
   613.    613 Want of understanding of accused person
   614.    614 Application for order
   615.    615 Making a no jury order
   615A.   615A More than 1 charge or accused person
   615B.   615B Law and procedure to be applied
   615C.   615C Judge's verdict and judgment
   615D.   615D Particular proceedings excluded from application
   615E.   615E References to trial by jury
   616.    616 Defence by counsel
   617.    617 Presence of accused
   617A.   617A Juries
   618.    618 Evidence in defence
   619.    619 Speeches by counsel
   620.    620 Summing up
   624.    624 Special verdict
   625.    625 General verdict on charge of defamation
   630.    630 Procedure on charge of an offence committed after previous conviction
   631.    631 Further pleas
   631A.   631A Plea of guilty during trial
   632.    632 Corroboration
   634.    634 Evidence on trials for perjury and subornation
   635.    635 Evidence of previous conviction
   636.    636 Evidence of blood relationship
   638.    638 Evidence of authority
   639.    639 Averments about public officers and public service officers or employees
   641.    641 Evidence on certain charges of stealing money
   642.    642 Evidence on charges relating to seals and stamps
   643.    643 Intention to injure, deceive or defraud
   644.    644 Admissions
   644A.   644A Witness giving incriminating answers
   644B.   644B Nonattendance of individual
   644C.   644C Nonattendance of corporation
   644D.   644D Noncompliance is contempt of court
   645.    645 Accused person insane during trial
   646.    646 Discharge of persons acquitted
   647.    647 Acquittal on ground of insanity
   648.    648 Convicted person to be called on to show cause
   649.    649 Arrest of judgment
   650.    650 Sentence
   651.    651 Court may decide summary offences if a person is charged on indictment
   652.    652 Proceedings to transmit charge for summary offence
   653.    653 Remission of proceedings to court exercising summary jurisdiction
   659.    659 Effect of summary conviction for indictable offences
   660.    660 Costs of prosecution in certain cases
   662.    662 Taxation
   668.    668 Definitions
   668A.   668A Reference by Attorney-General of pre-trial direction or ruling
   668B.   668B Reservation of points of law
   668C.   668C Appeal from arrest of judgment
   668D.   668D Right of appeal
   668E.   668E Determination of appeal in ordinary cases
   668F.   668F Powers of Court in special cases
   669.    669 Power to grant new trial
   669A.   669A Appeal by Attorney-General
   670.    670 Revesting and restitution of property on conviction
   671.    671 Time for appealing
   671A.   671A Judge's notes and report to be furnished on appeal
   671B.   671B Supplemental powers
   671D.   671D Right of appellant to be present
   671E.   671E Appeals permitted in writing
   671F.   671F Costs of appeal
   671G.   671G Grant of bail to appellant and custody when attending Court
   671H.   671H Duties of registrar
   671J.   671J Documents, exhibits etc.
   671K.   671K Recording of trial proceedings
   671L.   671L Powers exercisable by a judge
   672.    672 Appeals from the decisions of the Court
   672A.   672A Pardoning power preserved
   675.    675 Conditional remission of sentence by Governor
   676.    676 Pardon in case of imprisonment for non-payment of money
   677.    677 Effect of pardon
   678.    678 Definitions
   678A.   678A Application of ch 68
   678B.   678B Court may order retrial for murder—fresh and compelling evidence
   678C.   678C Court may order retrial for 25 year offence—tainted acquittal
   678D.   678D Fresh and compelling evidence—meaning
   678E.   678E Tainted acquittal—meaning
   678F.   678F Interests of justice—matters for consideration
   678G.   678G Application for retrial—procedure
   678H.   678H Retrial
   678I.   678I Authorisation of police investigations
   678J.   678J Bail
   678K.   678K Restrictions on publication
   679A.   679A Search of aircraft
   680.    680 Property found on offenders on arrest
   682.    682 Disposal of property seized
   683.    683 Explosives
   685B.   685B Orders for delivery of certain property
   686.    686 Information by leave of the court by private prosecutors
   687.    687 Security to be given by prosecutor for costs of defence
   688.    688 Service of information
   689.    689 Plea
   690.    690 Default of plea
   691.    691 Time and place of trial
   692.    692 Effect of judgment for prosecutor on demurrer
   693.    693 Effect of judgment by default
   694.    694 Costs of defence
   695.    695 Practice to be applied on ex officio indictment
   695A.   695A Power to protect victim of violence by prohibiting publication of information about proceedings
   696.    696 Warrant for release of person detained in custody
   697.    697 Court may direct certain persons to be prosecuted for perjury
   699.    699 Staying prosecution for publication of parliamentary paper
   700.    700 Certificate of dismissal by justices
   702.    702 Saving of civil remedies
   704.    704 No court fees in criminal cases
   705.    705 Copies of depositions to be allowed to persons committed for trial
   706.    706 Inspection of depositions at trial
   706A.   706A Development of administrative arrangements
   707.    707 Forms of criminal proceedings
   708.    708 Regulation-making power
   708A.   708A Criteria for recommending an entity be declared a criminal organisation
   709.    709 Transitional provision for Act No. 18 of 1999
   710.    710 Transitional provision for Justice Legislation (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act (No. 2) 1999
   711.    711 Transitional provision for Criminal Law Amendment Act 2000
   712.    712 Transitional provision for Criminal Law Amendment Act 2002
   713.    713 Transitional provision for Sexual Offences (Protection of Children) Amendment Act 2003—unlawful sexual relationship
   714.    714 Validation provision for Criminal Proceeds Confiscation Act 2002—presentation of indictment
   715.    715 Transitional provision for disclosure by the prosecution
   716.    716 Defence of truth of defamatory matter still to be specially pleaded
   717.    717 Effect of repeal of ss 56, 57 and 58
   718.    718 Appointment of animal valuers
   719.    719 References to particular offences
   720.    720 Trial by judge alone
   721.    721 Notices to witnesses
   722.    722 Retrospective application of amendment
   723.    723 Retrospective application of amendment
   724.    724 Employees of members of QR Group taken to be persons employed in public service during interim period
   725.    725 Definitions for ch 88
   726.    726 New disclosure provisions apply only to prosecutions commenced after commencement
   727.    727 New summary disposition provisions apply only to prosecutions commenced after commencement
   728.    728 Application of amendment Act
   729.    729 Application of amendment Act
   730.    730 Indictments for offences
   731.    731 Application of amended s 597C
   732.    732 Tendering, return or disposal of stock
   733.    733 Extended application of ch 68
   734.    734 Application of s 564
   735.    735 References to particular offences
   736.    736 Review of consorting provisions
   737.    737 Regulation made by the Serious and Organised Crime Legislation Amendment Act 2016
   739.    739 Application of amendment Act

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