AustLII Tasmanian Consolidated Acts

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- Act 44 of 1935
- Royal Assent 25 October 1935


           Long Title

   PART I - Preliminary

   1.      Short title
   2.      Section 2
   3.      Interpretation

   PART II - General Police Provisions Division I - Drunkenness,
   vagrancy, indecency, and other public annoyances

   4.      Drunkenness when in charge of vehicle or in possession of dangerous
   4A.     Custody of intoxicated persons
   4B.     Provisions relating to persons held in custody
   4C.     Declaration of places of safety
   5.      Section 5
   6.      Section 6
   6A.     Display of certain insignia, &c., prohibited
   6B.     Search, seizure and forfeiture of prohibited items
   6C.     Display of Nazi symbols prohibited, &c.
   6D.     Performance of Nazi gestures, &c., prohibited
   7.      Loiterers, &c.
   7A.     Loitering near children
   7B.     Possession of implement or instrument
   8.      Begging, imposition, &c.
   9.      Section 9
   10.     Disorderly houses
   11.     Section 11
   12.     Prohibited language and behaviour
   13.     Public annoyance
   13A.    Observation or recording in breach of privacy
   13B.    Publishing or distributing prohibited visual recording
   13C.    Possession of prohibited visual recording
   13D.    Persons who are not criminally responsible for an offence under
           section 13A or 13B
   14.     Public decency

           Division IA - Offences relating to trespass to lands

   14A.    Peering into dwelling-houses, &c.
   14B.    Unlawful entry on land, &c.
   14C.    Names and addresses of offenders may be required
   14D.    Alternative convictions

           Division II - Offences relating to good order and safety

   15.     Section 15
   15A.    Section 15A
   15B.    Dispersal of persons
   15C.    Dangerous articles
   15CA.   Graffiti and graffiti equipment
   15D.    Use, carriage and possession of crossbows
   15E.    Body armour
   15F.    Laser pointers
   16.     Street entertainment
   17.     Chimneys on fire
   18.     Discharge of distress signals
           17A. Section 17A
           17B. Section 17B
   19.     Poisoned substances
   19AA.   Dangerous junk
   19A.    Sports venues
   20.     Misbehaviour at public meetings

           Division III - Consorting

   20A.    Interpretation of Division III
   20B.    Object of Division III
   20C.    Consorting
   20D.    Official warnings
   20E.    Review of decision to authorise giving of official warning
   20F.    Review of Division
   20AA.   Section 20AA
   20G.    Section 20G
   20H.    Section 20H
   20I.    Section 20I
   20J.    Section 20J
   20K.    Section 20K
   20L.    Section 20L
   20M.    Section 20M
   20N.    Section 20N

           Division IIIA - Prohibited behaviour

   21.     Prohibited behaviour
   21A.    Unlawfully administering drug, &c.
   22.     Section 22
   23.     Section 23
   24.     Section 24
   24A.    Section 24A
   24B.    Section 24B

           Division IV - Consumption of liquor

   25.     Consumption of liquor in streets, &c.

           Division V - Sale or supply of liquor to youths

   26.     Sale or supply of liquor to youths
   27.     Section 27
   28.     Section 28
   29.     Section 29
   30.     Section 30
   31.     Section 31
   32.     Section 32

           Division VI -
           .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  

   33.     Section 33
   34.     Section 34
   34A.    Section 34A

           Division VII - Offences against public authority

   34B.    Resistance to, and obstruction of, public officers prohibited

   PART III - Injuries to the Person

   35.     Common assault and aggravated assault
   35A.    Tattooing, body piercing and body modification
   36.     Injury by driving, &c.

   PART IV - Injuries to Property

   37.     Offences relating to property
   37AAA.  Interference with war memorials
   37AA.   Unlawfully setting fire to property

   PART IVA - Offences Involving Vehicles Division 1 - Motor vehicle
   stealing, &c.

   37A.    Interpretation
   37B.    Motor vehicle stealing
   37C.    Procuring the hire or use of a motor vehicle by fraud, &c.
   37D.    Summary prosecution of offenders
   37E.    Penalty
   37F.    Disqualification from driving
   37G.    Requirement of owner or registered operator to provide details
   37GA.   Notice of demand
   37GB.   Statutory declaration naming driver or occupant of vehicle
   37H.    Application of section 18 of the Vehicle and Traffic Act 1999
   37I.    Tampering with vehicles
   37J.    Excessive noise, smoke, &c., from vehicles
   37JA.   Use of spotlights on vehicles on public streets

           Division 2 - Confiscation and clamping of vehicles for certain
           offences Subdivision 1 - Preliminary

   37K.    Interpretation of Division
   37L.    Application of Division
   37M.    Punishment under Division additional to other punishment
   37MA.   Special compulsory penalty for prescribed offences
           Subdivision 2 - Clamping and confiscation of vehicles
   37N.    Clamping and confiscation of vehicles
   37O.    Period of clamping or confiscation for first prescribed offence
   37P.    Period of clamping or confiscation for second prescribed offence
   37Q.    Period of clamping or confiscation for third or subsequent prescribed
   37QA.   Period of clamping or confiscation for evasion vehicle
   37QB.   Evasion vehicle may be forfeited
   37R.    Transportation of vehicle to holding yard
   37S.    Unlawful interference with, or removal of, confiscated vehicle
   37SA.   Unlawful interference with clamped vehicle, &c.
   37T.    Notice of clamping or confiscation to be given
   37U.    Content of notice for first offence
   37V.    Content of notice for second or subsequent offence
   37VA.   Content of notice for evasion offence
   37W.    Advice to registered operator of date of hearing
   37X.    Costs of confiscation
           Subdivision 3 - Forfeiture orders
   37Y.    Application for forfeiture of vehicles
   37Z.    Defence to show no knowledge and consent
   37ZA.   Powers for enforcing forfeiture order
   37ZB.   Third party protection from forfeiture order
           Subdivision 4 - Unclamping and recovery, &c., of vehicles
   37ZC.   Unclamping or recovery of vehicle clamped or confiscated for
           prescribed offence
   37ZD.   Unclamping or recovery of vehicle clamped or confiscated for second
           or subsequent prescribed offence
   37ZE.   Clamped or confiscated vehicle may be unclamped or returned in
           certain circumstances
   37ZF.   Unclamping or return of vehicle in case of severe hardship upon
   37ZG.   Return of vehicle if offending driver not convicted, &c.
           Subdivision 5 - Disposal of vehicles, &c.
   37ZH.   Disposal of confiscated vehicle
   37ZI.   Disposal of forfeited vehicle
   37ZJ.   Voluntary transfer of ownership of vehicle to Crown
   37ZK.   Clamped or confiscated vehicle not to be sold or disposed of
   37ZL.   Application of proceeds of sale
           Subdivision 6 - Miscellaneous
   37ZLA.  Power of Commissioner to authorise unclamping
   37ZM.   Protection from liability

   PART V - Offences Involving Dishonesty

   38.     Section 38
   38A.    Making off without payment
   38B.    Stealing with force
   39.     Possession of stolen property
   39A.    Section 39A
   40.     Section 40
   41.     Advertising reward for return of stolen property
   42.     Taking or using animal, vehicle, or vessel without owner's consent
   43.     Finding property

   PART VA - Offences Relating to Computers

   43A.    Computer-related fraud
   43B.    Damaging computer data
   43C.    Unauthorized access to a computer
   43D.    Insertion of false information as data
   43E.    Extra-territorial application of this Part
   43F.    Period during which complaint may be made

   PART VI - Miscellaneous Offences Division I - Bogus advertisements
   and false notices

   44.     Bogus advertisements
   44A.    False reports to police

           Division II -
           .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  

   45.     Section 45
   46.     Section 46

           Division IIA - Setting of traps

   46A.    Section 46A

           Division III - Motor-vehicle races and reliability trials

   47.     Interpretation
   48.     No motor-vehicle race to be held without a permit
   49.     Power of Commissioner of Police to grant permit

           Division IIIAA - Activities on public streets

   49AA.   Interpretation of Division
   49AB.   Public street permits

           Division IIIA - Public entertainments

   49A.    Interpretation
   49B.    Power of Commissioner to control public entertainments
   49C.    Section 49C

           Division IV -
           .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  

   50.     Section 50
   51.     Section 51
   52.     Section 52
   53.     Section 53
   54.     Section 54

   PART VII - Powers of Police Officers and Other Persons Division I
   - Arrest

   55.     Arrest
   55A.    Names and addresses of offenders
   56.     Procedure on arrest

           Division II - Entry and search

   57.     Power of police officers to enter certain places
   57A.    Searching of hawkers, &c.
   57B.    Section 57B
   58.     Search of persons for poison
   58A.    Power to search for liquor
   58B.    Search of accused person in custody

           Division III - Search warrants

   59.     Section 59
   60.     Commissioner's warrant

           Division IV - Infringement notices

   61.     Infringement notices
   62.     Payments into Public Account

   PART VIII - Declaration of Crime Scenes and Serious Incident Sites

           Division 1 - Crime scenes

   63.     Declaration of crime scene
   63A.    Authority at crime scene

           Division 2 - Serious incident sites

   63B.    Declaration of serious incident site
   63C.    Authority at serious incident site

   PART IX - Procedure and Supplemental Provisions

   64.     Accomplice
   65.     Power of court, upon neglect to prosecute, court to order another
           person to proceed
   66.     Provision relating to determination of certain questions by courts
   67.     Averment of age prima facie proof
   67A.    Evidentiary provision
   68.     Procedure for seized firearms
   69.     Disposal of property forfeited to Crown
   70.     Section 70
   71.     Section 71
   72.     Section 72
   73.     Act not to affect rights of the Crown
   74.     Regulations
           SCHEDULE 1
           SCHEDULE 2

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