Victorian Consolidated Regulations

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Driving with a person in a trailer

    (1)     A driver must not drive a motor vehicle towing a trailer with a person in or on the trailer, unless the trailer is exempt from this rule under subrule (2).

Penalty:     10 penalty units.

    (2)     Subrule (1) does not apply to or in relation to—

        (a)     a trailer (other than a caravan) being towed by a tractor at a speed not exceeding 25 kilometres per hour; or

        (b)     a machine designed for and being used for construction or maintenance work; or

        (c)     an articulated public bus; or

Rule 298(2)(d) amended by S.R. No. 153/2019 rule 4(Sch.  1 item 18).

        (d)     a trailer that has been approved by the Secretary or the Regulator for the carriage of passengers in accordance with the conditions (if any) of that approval.


1     Motor vehicle is defined in the Road Safety Act 1986 . Trailer is defined in the dictionary.

2     Rule 257 deals with persons travelling in or on bicycle trailers.

Rule 299 amended by S.R. Nos 6/2018 rule 5, 153/2019 rule 4(Sch. 1 item 19), 121/2020 rule 12, revoked by S.R. No. 7/2023 rule 15.

    *     *     *     *     *

Rule 300 amended by S.R. Nos 6/2018 rule 6, 121/2020 rule 13, 135/2021 rule 95, revoked by S.R. No. 7/2023 rule 15.

    *     *     *     *     *

Division 2—Rules for people in charge of animals

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