Victorian Consolidated Regulations

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Proceeding through a red traffic light

    (1)     If traffic lights at an intersection or marked foot crossing are showing a red traffic light, a driver must not enter the intersection or marked foot crossing.

Penalty:     In the case of a natural person, 10 penalty units;

In the case of a body corporate, 120 penalty units.


1     A body corporate may be guilty of the offence by force of section 84BC of the Road Safety Act 1986 .

2     "Enter", intersection , marked foot crossing and red traffic light are defined in the dictionary.

3     Rules 56 and 57 deal with stopping for a red or yellow traffic light and proceeding while the light remains red or yellow. Rule 60 deals with proceeding through a red traffic arrow.

    (2)     However, if the traffic lights are at an intersection with a left turn on red after stopping sign and the driver is turning left at the intersection, the driver may turn left after stopping.


Rule 62 deals with the give way rules applying to a driver turning left at an intersection after stopping at a left turn on red after stopping sign .

    (3)     Also, subrule (1) does not apply to a driver if rule 58(1) or (2) applies to the driver.


Rule 58 deals with when a driver does not have to stop for a red traffic light.

Left turn on red after stopping sign


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