Commonwealth Consolidated Regulations

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- made under the Civil Aviation Act 1988



   1.      Name of Regulations  
   2.      Interpretation  
   2AA.    Meaning of ANZA mutual recognition agreements (Act s 3)  
   2A.     Approved maintenance data  
   2B.     Powers to issue directions etc  
   2C.     How to read CASR  
   3.      Application of regulations  


   4.      CASA  
   5.      Civil Aviation Orders  
   6.      Authorised persons  
   6A.     Identity cards  


           Division 2--Foreign operators

   29.     Damage etc to aircraft of a Contracting State  

           Division 3--Certificates of approval, aircraft maintenance engineer licences, airworthiness authorities and aircraft welding authorities

   29A.    Interpretation  
   30.     Certificates of approval  
   30AA.   Provision of training and assessment in maintenance of aircraft etc.  
   30A.    Changes to certificates of approval  
   32.     Period during which certificates of approval remain in force  
   33.     Testing of competency of holder of licence or authority  
   33B.    Airworthiness authorities  
   33C.    Application for aircraft welding authority  
   33D.    Grant of aircraft welding authority  
   33E.    Recognised authorities  
   33F.    Duration of aircraft welding authority  
   33G.    Renewal of aircraft welding authority  
   33H.    Changes to aircraft welding authority  
   33I.    Conditions of aircraft welding authority  

           Division 4--Miscellaneous

   37.     Permissible unserviceabilities  


           Division 1--Maintenance directions by CASA

   38.     Maintenance directions  

           Division 2--Maintenance for which holder of certificate of registration responsible

              Subdivision 1--Class A aircraft

   39.     Maintenance required by approved system of maintenance  
   40.     Defective or inappropriate systems of maintenance  

              Subdivision 2--Class B aircraft

   41.     Maintenance schedule and maintenance instructions  
   42.     Defective or inappropriate maintenance schedule  
   42A.    Maintenance schedule: manufacturer's maintenance schedule  
   42B.    Maintenance schedule: CASA maintenance schedule  
   42C.    Maintenance schedule: approved system of maintenance  
   42CA.   Maintenance schedule--primary, intermediate, restricted or limited category aircraft  
   42CB.   Maintenance--experimental aircraft  
   42D.    Can there be more than one maintenance schedule?  
   42E.    Elections  
   42F.    Effect of change of holder of certificate of registration  

              Subdivision 3--Miscellaneous

   42G.    Flight control system: additional requirements  
   42H.    Exemptions and variations  

           Division 3--Approved systems of maintenance

   42J.    System of maintenance: request for approval  
   42K.    System of maintenance: submission to CASA  
   42L.    System of maintenance: matters to be included  
   42M.    System of maintenance: approval  
   42N.    When approval is effective  
   42P.    Request for approval of changes  
   42Q.    CASA may direct changes  
   42R.    Approval of changes  
   42S.    When approval of a change is effective  
   42T.    All changes must be approved  

           Division 4--How maintenance is to be carried out

   42U.    Modifications and repairs: approved designs  
   42V.    Maintenance: approved maintenance data  
   42W.    Installation and use of aircraft components in maintenance--Australian aircraft in Australian territory  
   42WA.   Requirements for authorised release certificate  
   42X.    Use of aircraft materials in maintenance--Australian aircraft in Australian territory  
   42Y.    Time-lifed aircraft components--exemption from supply under cover of document requirements  
   42Z.    Removable items of radiocommunications equipment in VFR aircraft--exemption from certification requirements  
   42ZA.   Use of aircraft components, aircraft materials etc in maintenance--Australian aircraft outside Australian territory  
   42ZB.   Exemptions and variations  

           Division 5--Who may carry out maintenance

   42ZC.   Maintenance on Australian aircraft in Australian territory  
   42ZD.   Maintenance on Australian aircraft outside Australian territory  

           Division 6--Certification of completion of maintenance

              Subdivision 1--Maintenance in Australian territory

   42ZE.   Certification of completion of maintenance on aircraft in Australian territory  
   42ZF.   Request for approval of system of certification  
   42ZG.   Approval of system of certification  
   42ZH.   When approval is effective  
   42ZJ.   Changes to an approved system of certification  
   42ZK.   Approval of changes  
   42ZL.   When approval of a change is effective  
   42ZM.   All changes must be approved  

              Subdivision 2--Maintenance outside Australian territory

   42ZN.   Certification of maintenance outside Australian territory  

              Subdivision 3--Miscellaneous

   42ZP.   Certification not to be made  

           Division 7--Exemptions from, and variations of, requirements

   42ZQ.   Requirements to which Division applies  
   42ZR.   Application for exemption from, or variation of, requirements  
   42ZS.   Granting of exemptions and approval of variations  
   42ZT.   When grant or approval is effective  
   42ZU.   Effect of grant of exemption or approval of variation  

           Division 8--Maintenance control manual and maintenance controller

   42ZV.   Maintenance controllers  
   42ZW.   Approval of maintenance controllers  
   42ZX.   Suspension or cancellation of approvals  
   42ZY.   Maintenance control manuals  
   42ZZ.   Maintenance control manuals: amendments  
   42ZZA.  Inspection of maintenance control manuals  

           Division 9--Maintenance releases

   43.     Maintenance releases in respect of Australian aircraft  
   43A.    Maintenance release to be available for inspection  
   43B.    Time-in-service to be recorded on maintenance release  
   44.     Conditions with respect to maintenance releases  
   45.     Suspension or cancellation of maintenance release  
   46.     Information to be passed to other persons  
   47.     Maintenance release to cease to be in force  
   48.     Maintenance release to recommence to be in force  
   49.     Permissible unserviceabilities to be endorsed on maintenance releases  
   50.     Defects and major damage to be endorsed on maintenance release  

           Division 10--Aircraft log books

   50A.    Aircraft log book  
   50B.    Alternative to aircraft log book or section of aircraft log book  
   50C.    Directions relating to aircraft maintenance records  
   50D.    Inspection of records  

           Division 11--Miscellaneous

   50E.    Inconsistent requirements--resolution of inconsistencies  
   50F.    Notice of maintenance to be given  
   50G.    Copying or disclosing CVR information  


   51.     Reporting of defects in Australian aircraft--general  
   51A.    Reporting of defects in Australian aircraft: major defects  
   51B.    Defects discovered in complying with directions by CASA  
   52.     Defects discovered in aircraft components  
   52A.    How must reports to Authority be made?  
   52B.    Keeping of defective aircraft and aircraft components  
   53.     Investigation of defects of Australian aircraft  


   54.     Registered operators to maintain aircraft flight manuals  


   56.     Definitions for this Part  
   57.     Removal or alteration of manufacturer's data plate  
   58.     Removal or alteration of identification from heater assembly of manned balloon or propeller  
   59.     Transfer of manufacturer's data plate to another aircraft etc prohibited  
   60.     Removal of manufacturer's data plates  


           Division 5.1--Balloon flight crew licensing--preliminary

   5.01.   Definitions for Part 5  
   5.02.   What Part 5 is about  
   5.03.   Authorisation--performing activities essential to operation of Australian balloons without commercial pilot (balloon) licence  

           Division 5.2--Balloon flight crew licensing--medical certificates

   5.04.   Medical certificate--balloon flight crew licence  
   5.05.   Medical certificate--CAR certificate of validation  
   5.07.   Medical certificate--flight tests  

           Division 5.3--Balloon flight crew licensing--licences, ratings and endorsements

   5.08.   Balloon flight crew licence--application  
   5.09.   Balloon flight crew licence--issue  
   5.13.   Balloon flight crew rating--application  
   5.14.   Balloon flight crew rating--issue  
   5.17.   Balloon flight crew rating--duration  
   5.18.   Balloon flight crew rating--authority and flight tests  
   5.19.   Balloon flight crew rating--flight tests  
   5.20.   Balloon flight crew rating--approval to give training  
   5.23.   Balloon class endorsement--issue  

           Division 5.4--Balloon flight crew licensing--certificates of validation

   5.27.   CAR certificate of validation--issue  
   5.30.   CAR certificate of validation--overseas balloon authorisation information to be entered  
   5.31.   CAR certificate of validation--effect  
   5.32.   CAR certificate of validation--period of validity  
   5.33.   CAR certificate of validation--offences  

           Division 5.5--Balloon flight crew licensing--general

   5.40.   Pilot acting in command under supervision  
   5.41.   Balloon flight crew licence--tests and examinations  
   5.42.   Balloon flight tests--CASA to be notified  
   5.50.   Authorisation to test balloon  
   5.51.   Personal log books  
   5.52.   What must be recorded in a personal log book?  
   5.53.   How long must a personal log book be retained?  
   5.54.   Evidence of identity--CASA's powers  
   5.54A.  Evidence of identity--examinations  
   5.56.   Balloon flight crew licence--production etc.  

           Division 5.6--Balloon flight crew licensing--balloon flying schools

   5.57.   Balloon flying schools--transfer of student records  
   5.58.   Balloon flying schools--chief balloon flying instructor  
   5.59.   Syllabuses of training  

           Division 5.7--Balloon flight crew licensing--flight radiotelephone operator licence

   5.61.   Flight radiotelephone operator licence--issue  
   5.62.   Flight radiotelephone operator licence--authorisation  
   5.63.   Flight radiotelephone operator licence--conduct of examination and test  

           Division 5.11--Balloon flight crew licensing--commercial pilot (balloon) licences

   5.138.  Commercial pilot (balloon) licence--qualifications  
   5.139.  Commercial pilot (balloon) licence--authorisation  
   5.140.  Commercial pilot (balloon) licence--authorisation: balloon classes  
   5.141.  Commercial pilot (balloon) licence--authorisation: balloon types  
   5.142.  Commercial pilot (balloon) licence--rating required  
   5.143.  Commercial pilot (balloon) licence--regular balloon flight reviews required  
   5.144.  Commercial pilot (balloon) licence--recent experience requirements  
   5.145.  Commercial pilot (balloon) licence--aeronautical experience required  
   5.146.  Commercial pilot (balloon) licence--balloon flying training required  
   5.147.  Commercial pilot (balloon) licence--flight tests  


   77.     Part 7 not to apply to New Zealand AOC holders with ANZA privileges  
   78.     Navigation logs  
   79.     Form of logs  
   80.     Retention of logs  
   81.     Directions under this Part  


   82.     Equipment of Australian aircraft with radiocommunication systems  
   82A.    Use of radiocommunication systems: words and phrases to be used  
   83.     Transmitting on aeronautical radio frequencies  
   84.     Use and operation of radiocommunication systems by foreign aircraft  
   85.     Directions under Part 8  


           Division 8--Use of aerodromes

   92.     Use of aerodromes  
   92A.    Use of aerodromes in regular public transport operations  
   93.     Protection of certain rights  

           Division 9--Removal or marking of obstructions or other hazards

   94.     Dangerous lights  
   95.     Removal or marking of objects which constitute obstructions or potential hazards to air navigation  
   96.     Dumping of rubbish  


           Division 1--Air Traffic Services

   99AA.   Air Traffic--Services, directions and instructions  
   99A.    Broadcasts to be made at certain aerodromes  
   100.    Compliance with air traffic control clearances and air traffic control instructions  
   101.    Procedure when air traffic control not in operation  
   105.    Temporary medical unfitness of holder of licence  
   115.    Medical unfitness of holder of licence  

           Division 2--Meteorological services

   120.    Weather reports not to be used if not made with authority  

           Division 3--Statistical returns

   132.    Statistical returns  


           Division 1--General

   133.    Conditions to be met before Australian aircraft may fly  
   135.    Foreign aircraft of Contracting States  
   135A.   Special flight authorisation  
   136.    Foreign state aircraft  
   138.    Pilot to comply with requirements etc of aircraft's flight manual etc  
   139.    Documents to be carried in Australian aircraft  
   140.    Prohibited, restricted and danger areas  
   143.    Carriage of firearms  
   144.    Discharge of firearms in or from an aircraft  
   145.    Emergency authority  
   146.    Liability as to neglect of rules regarding lights etc  
   147.    Australian aircraft in or over territory of a State which is not a Contracting State  

           Division 2--Flight rules

   149.    Towing  
   150.    Dropping of articles  
   151.    Picking up of persons or objects  
   152.    Parachute descents  
   153.    Flight under simulated instrument flying conditions  
   155.    Aerobatic manoeuvres  
   156.    Flying over public gatherings  
   157.    Low flying  
   158.    Reports at designated points or intervals  
   159.    Procedure on radio failure  
   159A.   Power of CASA to issue instructions  
   159B.   Manner of notifying instructions  


           Division 1--General

   160.    Interpretation  
   161.    Right of way  
   162.    Rules for prevention of collision  
   163.    Operating near other aircraft  
   163AA.  Formation flying  
   163A.   Responsibility of flight crew to see and avoid aircraft  

           Division 2--Operation on and in the vicinity of aerodromes

              Subdivision 1--General

   164.    Responsibility for compliance with rules of this Division  
   165.    Temporary suspension of rules  

              Subdivision 2--Operating on and in the vicinity of non-controlled aerodromes

   166.    Definitions for Subdivision 2  
   166A.   General requirements for aircraft on the manoeuvring area or in the vicinity of a non-controlled aerodrome  
   166B.   Carrying out a straight-in approach  
   166C.   Responsibility for broadcasting on VHF radio  
   166D.   Designation of non-controlled aerodromes  
   166E.   Requirements for operating on or in the vicinity of certified, military or designated non-controlled aerodromes  

              Subdivision 3--Controlled aerodromes, aerodromes at which the operation of aircraft is not restricted to runways, and preventing collisions on water

   167.    General requirements for aerodrome traffic at controlled aerodromes  
   168.    Aerodromes at which the operation of aircraft is not restricted to runways  
   169.    Preventing collisions on water  

           Division 3--Visual flight rules

   170.    Interpretation  
   171.    V.F.R. flight  
   172.    Flight visibility and distance from cloud  
   173.    Cruising level to be appropriate to magnetic track  
   174.    Determination of visibility for V.F.R. flights  
   174A.   Equipment of aircraft for V.F.R. flight  
   174B.   V.F.R. flights at night  
   174D.   Navigation of aircraft on V.F.R. flight  

           Division 4--Instrument flight rules

   175.    I.F.R. flight  
   175A.   Restriction on I.F.R. flights by single engine aircraft  
   176A.   Determination of visibility and cloud base for I.F.R. flights  
   177.    Equipment of aircraft for I.F.R. flight  
   178.    Minimum height for flight under I.F.R.  
   179.    Authorised instrument approach procedures to be used  
   179A.   Navigation of aircraft on I.F.R. flight  
   180.    Cruising levels for I.F.R. flights  
   181.    Flight procedure for I.F.R. flight where cruising level cannot be maintained  

           Division 5--Operations in RVSM airspace

              Subdivision 1--Preliminary

   181A.   What this Division does  
   181B.   Definitions for this Division  
   181C.   What is an RVSM airworthiness approval?  
   181D.   What is an RVSM foreign airworthiness approval?  
   181E.   What is an RVSM operational approval?  

              Subdivision 2--RVSM airworthiness approvals

   181F.   Application for RVSM airworthiness approval  
   181G.   RVSM airworthiness approval  
   181H.   How long RVSM airworthiness approvals remain in force  
   181I.   Notice to RVSM airworthiness approval holder to show cause  
   181J.   Cancellation of RVSM airworthiness approval  

              Subdivision 3--RVSM operational approvals

   181L.   Application for RVSM operational approval  
   181M.   RVSM operational approval  
   181N.   How long RVSM operational approvals remain in force  
   181O.   Notice to RVSM operational approval holder to show cause  
   181P.   Cancellation of RVSM operational approval  
   181Q.   Removal of aircraft from RVSM operational approval--cancellation of airworthiness approval  
   181QA.  Removal of aircraft from RVSM operational approval--holder ceasing to operate aircraft  
   181S.   Requirements of Australian operator using Australian aircraft  
   181T.   Requirements of Australian operator using foreign aircraft  
   181U.   Monitoring height-keeping  
   181V.   Telling CASA about cancellation of RVSM foreign airworthiness approval  

              Subdivision 4--Miscellaneous

   181X.   New registration marks  


           Division 1--Aerodrome traffic

   182.    Use of prescribed signals  
   183.    Responsibility for complying with this Part  
   184.    Two-way radiotelephony communication  
   185.    Visual signals  
   186.    Pilot in command to maintain look out for visual signals  
   187.    Light signals  
   188.    Pyrotechnic signals  
   189.    Ground signals  

           Division 2--Special signals relating to danger areas, prohibited areas and restricted areas

   190.    Warning signal  

           Division 3--Emergency signals

   191.    Transmission of signals  
   192.    Distress signals  
   193.    Urgency signals  
   194.    Safety signal  

           Division 4--Lights to be displayed by aircraft and lights and markings to be displayed on mooring cables

   195.    Compliance with rules about lights  
   196.    Aeroplanes in flight or on the manoeuvring area of land aerodromes  
   197.    Aeroplanes under way on the surface of water  
   198.    Aeroplanes at anchor or moored on the surface of water  
   199.    Aeroplanes aground on the surface of the water  
   200.    Gliders  
   203.    Airships  


           Division 1A--AOCs with ANZA privileges

   205.    Additional conditions--Australian AOC with ANZA privileges  

           Division 1--General

   206.    Commercial purposes (Act, s 27(9))  
   207.    Requirements according to operations on which Australian aircraft used  
   208.    Number of operating crew  
   209.    Private operations  
   210A.   Flight time limitations  
   210B.   Pilot in command under supervision  

           Division 2--Requirements to ensure the safety of commercial operations

   211.    Division 2 not to apply to New Zealand AOC holders with ANZA privileges  
   212.    Operator  
   213.    Organisation  
   214.    Training of maintenance personnel  
   215.    Operations manual  
   216.    Flight time records  
   217.    Training and checking organisation  
   218.    Route qualifications of pilot in command of a regular public transport aircraft  
   219.    Route qualifications of pilot in command of a charter aircraft  
   220.    Fuel instructions and records  
   221.    Facilities and safety devices for public  
   222.    Proving tests  

           Division 3--Conduct of operations

   222A.   Division 3 not to apply to New Zealand AOC holders with ANZA privileges  
   223.    Operator to ensure employees and flight crew familiar with local laws and regulations  
   224.    Pilot in command  
   224A.   Commercial operations carrying passengers--requirements if pilot in command 60 or more  
   225.    Pilots at controls  
   226.    Dual controls  
   227.    Admission to crew compartment  
   228.    Unauthorised persons not to manipulate controls  
   228A.   Definition of qualified to taxi an aircraft  
   229.    Operation of aircraft on ground--only qualified persons may taxi aircraft  
   230.    Starting and running of engines  
   231.    Manipulation of propeller  
   232.    Flight check system  
   232A.   Operational procedures in relation to computers  
   233.    Responsibility of pilot in command before flight  
   234.    Fuel requirements  
   234A.   Oil requirements  
   235.    Take-off and landing of aircraft etc  
   235A.   Taking off from and landing on narrow runways--certain aeroplanes  
   238.    Icing conditions  
   239.    Planning of flight by pilot in command  
   240.    Authority may issue instructions in relation to flight planning  
   241.    Flight plans--submission to air traffic control in certain cases  
   242.    Testing of radio apparatus  
   243.    Listening watch  
   244.    Safety precautions before take-off  
   245.    Tests before and during the take-off run  
   246.    Movement on manoeuvring area  
   247.    Meteorological conditions observed en route  
   248.    Reporting of defects  

           Division 4--General provisions relating to the operation of aircraft

   248A.   Division 4 not to apply to New Zealand AOC holders with ANZA privileges  
   249.    Prohibition of carriage of passengers on certain flights  
   250.    Carriage on wings, undercarriage etc  
   251.    Seat belts and safety harness  
   252.    Provision of emergency systems etc  
   252A.   Emergency locator transmitters  
   253.    Emergency and life-saving equipment  
   254.    Exits and passageways not to be obstructed  
   255.    Smoking in aircraft  
   256.    Intoxicated persons not to act as pilots etc or be carried on aircraft  
   256AA.  Offensive and disorderly behaviour  
   256A.   Carriage of animals  
   257.    Aerodrome meteorological minima  
   258.    Flights over water  
   259.    Manned free balloons  
   260.    Manned fixed balloons and kites  
   262.    Carriage of examiners  

           Division 5--Airborne collision avoidance systems--turbine-powered commercial aeroplanes

              Subdivision 1--Definitions for Division 5

   262AA.  Definitions for Division 5  

              Subdivision 2--Airborne-collision avoidance systems--Australian turbine-powered commercial aeroplanes

   262AB.  Application of Subdivision 2  
   262AC.  ACAS requirements--larger capacity aeroplanes: flights before 1 January 2014  
   262AD.  ACAS requirements--larger capacity aeroplanes: flights on or after 1 January 2014  
   262AE.  ACAS requirements--certain other aeroplanes  
   262AF.  Serviceable ACAS must be activated during flight  
   262AG.  Reporting unserviceable ACAS during flight  
   262AH.  Reporting unserviceable ACAS before flight  

              Subdivision 3--Airborne collision avoidance systems--foreign turbine-powered commercial aeroplanes

   262AI.  Application of Subdivision 3  
   262AJ.  ACAS requirements--turbine-powered commercial aeroplanes  
   262AJA. Serviceable ACAS must be activated during flight  
   262AJB. Reporting unserviceable ACAS during flight  
   262AJC. Reporting unserviceable ACAS before flight  

           Division 6--Operating limitations for aircraft certificated in certain categories and experimental aircraft

   262AK.  Application of this Division  
   262AL.  Restricted category aircraft--operating limitations  
   262AN.  Limited category aircraft--approved organisations  
   262AO.  Provisionally certificated aircraft--operating limitations  
   262AP.  Experimental aircraft--operating limitations  
   262APA. Light sport aircraft--operating limitations  
   262AQ.  Primary category aircraft--operating limitations  
   262AR.  Intermediate category aircraft--operating limitations  
   262AS.  Where aircraft may be flight tested  


   263.    Interpretation  
   264.    Refusal to grant certificate under Division 3 of Part 4  
   265.    Suspension of licence or authority for purpose of examination  
   267.    Variation of authority, certificate or licence at request of holder  
   269.    Variation, suspension or cancellation of approval, authority, certificate or licence  
   270.    Effect of effluxion of time for suspension of approval, authority, certificate or licence  
   272A.   Effect of suspension of approval, authority, certificate or licence  


           Division 1--Penal provisions

   282.    Offences in relation to licences, certificates and authorities  
   286.    Stowaways  
   287.    Power of Court to order returns etc to be furnished  
   288.    Detention of aircraft  
   289.    Creation of fire hazard  
   290.    Firearms--Federal airports  
   291.    Stationary aircraft within precincts of an aerodrome  
   292.    Aircraft on movement area to be reported  
   293.    Removal of aircraft from movement area  
   294.    Prohibition of entry etc on prohibited area  

           Division 2--Prosecutions

   296.    Time for commencing prosecutions  

           Division 3--Infringement notices

   296A.   Definitions for Division 3 of Part 17  
   296B.   When can an infringement notice be served?  
   296C.   Can an infringement notice be withdrawn?  
   296D.   How are infringement notices and withdrawals of notices to be served?  
   296E.   What must be included in an infringement notice?  
   296F.   What happens if you pay the prescribed penalty?  
   296G.   Evidentiary matters  
   296H.   Can there be more than one infringement notice for the same offence?  
   296I.   What if payment is made by cheque?  
   296J.   This Division does not prevent a matter being prosecuted in a court and does not mean that an infringement notice must be served in all cases  


   297.    Evidence  


   297A.   Review of decisions  
   298A.   Cheating by examination candidates  
   298B.   Examination misconduct by persons other than examination candidates  
   298C.   Personation at examinations  
   298D.   Person not permitted to sit examination until Tribunal decides  
   298E.   Sitting examination when not permitted  
   299.    Further examination of holders of flight crew licences etc.  
   301.    Surrender of documents  
   302.    Production of licences  
   303.    Conditions subject to which licences or certificates are granted  
   304.    Directions and instructions--section 23 of the Act  
   305.    Access of authorised persons  
   306.    Liability for damage to aircraft during official tests  
   309.    Powers of pilot in command  
   309A.   Instructions about activities on board aircraft  


           Division 1--Transitional provisions--miscellaneous

   311.    Transitional  
   312.    Definition  
   313.    Transitional: certificates of type approval  
   314.    Transitional: certificates of airworthiness  
   315.    Transitional: suspension of a certificate of airworthiness  
   318.    Transitional: certificates of approval  
   319.    Transitional: approval to manufacture amateur-built aircraft  
   320.    Transitional: suspension of certificate of approval  
   321.    Transitional: notices of events  
   323AA.  Transitional--certain directions under regulation 166  
   323A.   Transitional--determinations under regulation 178  
   324.    Transitional: certain warnings  
   325.    References to Parts, Divisions or Subdivisions renumbered by Civil Aviation Amendment Regulations 1999 (No. 6)  

           Division 2--Transitional provisions relating to Parts 42, 66, 145 and 147 of CASR

   328.    Application of Part 4A to aircraft  
   330.    Application of Part 4B to aircraft  
   331.    Application of Part 4B to Part 145 organisations--dealing with defects  
   332.    Application of regulation 133 to aircraft  

           Division 3--Transitional provisions--amendments made by the Civil Aviation Legislation Amendment Regulation 2013 (No

   333.    Certain civil aviation authorisations not affected by substitution of Part 5 on 1 September 2014  
   334.    Civil Aviation Orders for Part 5--balloons  
   335.    Civil Aviation Orders--flight time limitations  

           Division 4--Transitional provisions--amendments made by the Civil Aviation Legislation Amendment (Maintenance and Other Matters) Regulation 2013

              Subdivision 1--Transitional provisions

   336.    References to certification of completion of maintenance and authorised release certificates (regulation 42W)  
   337.    Application of regulation 214 (Training of maintenance personnel)  

              Subdivision 2--Part 145 organisations approved to undertake CAR maintenance activities

   338.    Definition of approved system of certification of completion of maintenance  
   339.    Compliance with regulation 42G (Flight control system: additional requirements)  
   340.    Compliance with Division 4 of Part 4A (How maintenance is to be carried out)  
   341.    Who may carry out maintenance for regulation 42ZC (Maintenance on Australian aircraft in Australian territory)  
   342.    Application of regulations 42ZF to 42ZM (which deal with approved systems of certification of completion of maintenance)  
   343.    Compliance with Part 4B (Defect reporting)  
           SCHEDULE 5 CASA maintenance schedule
           SCHEDULE 6 CASA system of certification of completion of maintenance
           SCHEDULE 7 Maintenance that must not be carried out on a Class B aircraft by a person referred to in paragraph 42ZC(4)(b)
           SCHEDULE 8 Maintenance that may be carried out on a Class B aircraft by a person entitled to do so under subregulation 42ZC(4)
           SCHEDULE 9 Maintenance control manual and maintenance controller

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