Victorian Current Acts

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   1.      Purposes  
   2.      Commencement  
   3.      Definitions  
   3AAA.   Definition of driver base  
   3AA.    Circumstances in which person is to be taken to be in charge of a motor vehicle  
   3AB.    Circumstances in which person is to be taken to be driving a motor vehicle  
   3AC.    Circumstances in which person is taken to be driving a trailer  
   3AD.    Circumstances in which person is to be taken to be disqualified from obtaining a driver licence or learner permit  
   3AE.    Circumstances in which person is to be taken to be disqualified from driving a motor vehicle on a road in Victoria  
   3B.     Transport Integration Act 2010  
   3C.     Filming Approval Act 2014  
   4.      Act to bind Crown  


           Division 1--Secretary as registration authority

   5AA.    Functions of Secretary  
   5AB.    Powers of Secretary  
   5AC.    Sale of registration number rights  
   5AD.    What are registration number rights?  
   5AE.    Non-standard number plates and replacement number plates  

           Division 2--Registration

   5.      Purposes of registration  
   6.      Application of Part  
   6A.     Secretary not to register vehicles based outside Victoria  
   7.      Offence if vehicle or trailer not registered  
   9.      Effecting registration, renewal or transfer  
   9AA.    Suspension of motor vehicle or trailer registration  
   9AB.    Cessation of suspension  
   9AC.    Direction not to grant or renew registration  
   9AD.    Renewal of registration  
   9AE.    Non-transfer of registration  
   9AF.    Transfer of registration  
   9AG.    Cancellation of registration—deregistered body corporate  
   9A.     Obligations of registered operator  
   9B.     Register does not provide evidence of title  
   10.     Power to require compliance with standards  
   12.     Appeal to Magistrates' Court  
   13.     Power to inspect motor vehicles and trailers  
   14.     Defective vehicles  
   15A.    Suspension or cancellation of vehicle tester authorisations[3]  
   16.     Seizure of number plates  

           Division 2A--Cancellation of registration for offensive advertisements

   16AA.   Definitions  
   16AB.   Advertising breach notice  
   16AC.   Registration cancellation notice  
   16AD.   Withdrawal of advertising breach notice  
   16AE.   Cancellation of registration  
   16AF.   No transfer of registration  
   16AG.   No refund of registration fees  
   16AH.   Applying for registration after cancellation  

           Division 3--Written-off vehicles

   16A.    Purposes of Division  
   16B.    Definitions  
   16BA.   Statutory write-offs  
   16C.    When is a vehicle written off?  
   16D.    Register of written-off vehicles  
   16E.    Appeals regarding written-off vehicle registration  
   16F.    Prohibition on registration of vehicles that have written-off vehicle identifiers  


   16G.    Secretary may maintain records of persons driving non‑automated motor vehicles  


   17.     Purposes of licensing  
   17A.    Obligations of road users  
   18.     Offence if driver not licensed  
   18AA.   Driving in breach of licence condition  
   18A.    Issue of driver licence or learner permit to holder of licence or permit issued outside Victoria  
   18B.    Secretary may retain and check validity of licence documents  
   18C.    Secretary may confiscate and destroy licence document believed to be false, etc.  
   19.     Driver licences  
   19A.    Direction not to grant or renew licence  
   19B.    Renewal of licence or permit  
   20.     Variation of driver licences  
   21.     Probationary driver licences  
   21A.    Fee for driver licence  
   22.     Learner permits  
   23.     Driver licence and learner permit to remain property of State of Victoria  
   23A.    Secretary must not grant driver licence or learner permit to disqualified driver  
   23B.    Alcohol interlock to be installed prior to grant of driver licence or learner permit subject to alcohol interlock condition  
   24.     Cancellation, suspension or variation of licences and permits by Secretary  
   25.     Cancellation and disqualification—corresponding interstate drink-driving offence  
   25A.    Reduction in period for which a person is ineligible to be granted a driver licence or learner permit  
   26.     Appeal to Magistrates' Court  
   26A.    Appeal to Magistrates' Court against police decision  
   27.     Power of Secretary to require tests to be undergone  
   28.     Power of court to cancel, suspend or vary licences and permits  
   28A.    Effect of suspension of licence or permit  
   28B.    Disqualified person must not apply for licence or permit  
   29.     Appeal against disqualification, cancellation, suspension or variation by order of Magistrates' Court or Children's Court  
   30.     Offence to drive while disqualified etc.  
   30AA.   Offence to drive while licence suspended under Fines Reform Act 2014  
   30A.    Court may extend suspension or disqualification period even if offence not committed  
   31.     Cancellation of registration by court  
   31A.    Certain disqualified persons require licence eligibility order before applying for licence or permit  
   31B.    Application for licence eligibility order  
   31E.    Persons required to provide certificate of completion of first-stage behaviour change program  
   31H.    Procedure on hearing of application for licence eligibility order  
   31I.    Effect of licence eligibility order  
   31J.    Court must notify the Secretary of the making of a licence eligibility order  
   31K.    Application of Evidence Act 2008  
   31KA.   Administrative scheme for imposing alcohol interlock condition  
   31KB.   Administrative scheme for imposing alcohol interlock condition—interstate drink-driving offence  
   31KC.   Administrative alcohol interlock conditions to operate concurrently with other alcohol interlock conditions  
   31L.    Supervising driver offences  
   32.     Offence to employ unlicensed driver  
   32A.    Offence to allow, permit or cause unlicensed driver to drive motor vehicle  
   33.     Driving instructor authorities  
   33A.    Offence to teach driving without driving instructor authority or in breach of condition of authority  
   33B.    Requirement to display photograph  


   33C.    Application for ADS permit  
   33D.    Determination of application  
   33E.    ADS permit  
   33F.    What an ADS permit authorises  
   33G.    Conditions of ADS permit  
   33H.    Cancellation, suspension or variation of ADS permit  
   33I.    Offences related to driving, or being in charge of, automated vehicle for which an ADS permit is not in force  
   33J.    Offence to drive, or be in charge of, automated vehicle operating in breach of ADS permit condition  
   33K.    Power of Secretary to conduct tests or assessments  
   33L.    Secretary may maintain records of persons driving, or in charge of, automated vehicles  
   33M.    Minister may issue guidelines  
   33N.    Power to exempt from, or vary the operation of, this Act, the regulations or rules  


           Division 1--Interpretation

   34.     Interpretation  

           Division 2--Demerits Register

   35.     Demerits Register  

           Division 3--Holders of Victorian driverlicence or learner permit

   36.     Demerit point option notice  
   37.     Further demerit point option notice  
   38.     Extended demerit point period  
   39.     Person elects to extend demerit point period and incurs no additional demerit points  
   40.     Person elects to extend demerit point period and incurs additional demerit points or has driver licence or learner permit cancelled or suspended for a driving offence  
   41.     Person fails to elect to extend demerit point period  
   41A.    Persons whose driver licence or learner permit is suspended or cancelled  
   42.     Suspension of driver licence or learner permit under this Division  
   43.     Cancellation of suspension if service ineffective  
   44.     Suspension of driver licence or learner permit cancelled or suspended other than under this Division  
   45.     Cancellation of demerit point option notice  
   46.     Effect of cancellation of demerit points on suspension under section 40  

           Division 4--Holders of overseas licences and unlicensed drivers

   46A.    Driving disqualification notice  
   46B.    Period of disqualification  
   46C.    Cancellation of disqualification if service ineffective  
   46D.    Effect of cancellation of notified demerit points  

           Division 5--General

   46E.    Service of notices  
   46EA.   ADS permit holders  
   46F.    Cancelled demerit points to be disregarded  
   46G.    Admissibility of demerit points  
   46H.    Appeal to Magistrates' Court  
   46I.    Stay of suspension or disqualification  


   47.     Purposes of this Part  
   47A.    Definition  
   48.     Interpretative provisions  
   49.     Offences involving alcohol or other drugs  
   49B.    Offence to consume intoxicating liquor while driving  
   49C.    Offence to consume intoxicating liquor while supervising a learner driver  
   50.     Provisions about cancellation and disqualification  
   50AAA.  Direction to impose alcohol interlock condition  
   50AAAB. Administrative scheme for removal of alcohol interlock condition  
   50AAAC. Application to Magistrates' Court for direction  
   50AAAD. Exemption from, or removal of, alcohol interlock condition on medical grounds  
   50AAAE. Application to avoid imposition of alcohol interlock condition  
   50AAAF. Application to Magistrates' Court for review of decision under section 50AAAE  
   50AAC.  Appeals against alcohol interlock condition direction or period specified in direction  
   50AACB. Court must notify the Secretary of certain matters  
   50AAD.  Offences and immobilisation orders  
   50AAE.  Approval of types of alcohol interlocks and alcohol interlock suppliers  
   50AAEA. Refusal of approved alcohol interlock supplier to supply  
   50AAEB. Change of terms and conditions  
   50AAF.  Conditions on approvals  
   50AAG.  Guidelines  
   50AAH.  Cancellation or variation of approval of types of alcohol interlocks  
   50AAI.  Cancellation or suspension of approval of alcohol interlock supplier  
   50AAIA. Power of immediate suspension  
   50AAIB. Inquiry  
   50AAIC. Effect of suspension  
   50AAJ.  Review by Tribunal  
   50AAK.  Offence for person to assist with contravention of alcohol interlock condition  
   50AAKA. Cost recovery fees  
   50AA.   Previous convictions[7]  
   51.     Immediate suspension of driver licence or permit in certain circumstances  
   52.     Zero blood or breath alcohol  
   53.     Preliminary breath tests  
   54.     Preliminary testing stations  
   55.     Breath analysis  
   55A.    Drug assessment  
   55B.    Blood and urine samples—persons assessed to be impaired by drugs  
   55BA.   Blood samples—accidents resulting in death or serious injury  
   55C.    Destruction of identifying information  
   55D.    Preliminary oral fluid tests  
   55E.    Oral fluid testing and analysis  
   56.     Blood samples to be taken in certain cases  
   57.     Evidentiary provisions—blood tests  
   57A.    Evidentiary provisions—urine tests  
   57B.    Evidentiary provisions—oral fluid tests  
   58.     Evidentiary provisions—breath tests  
   58A.    Avoidance of certain provisions in contracts of insurance  
   58B.    Prohibited analysis  


           Division 1--Requirement to complete behaviour change program

   58C.    Requirement to complete first-stage behaviour change program  
   58D.    Requirement to complete second-stage behaviour change program  
   58E.    Secretary to notify person of behaviour change program  
   58F.    Behaviour change program for interstate offences  
   58G.    Requirement to complete behaviour change program does not affect any penalty  
   58H.    Evidence of completion of behaviour change program invalid, false or issued in error  

           Division 2--Approval of behaviour change program and providers of behaviour change program

   58I.    Secretary may approve behaviour change program  
   58J.    Secretary may approve provider of behaviour change program  
   58K.    Conditions etc. on approval of providers  
   58L.    Cancellation or suspension of approval of provider  
   58M.    Review by Tribunal  

           Division 3--Fees relating to behaviour change program

   58N.    Payment of fee  
   58O.    Approved provider to give information and fees to the Secretary  
   58P.    Secretary may determine fees  

           Division 4--Participation in and completion of behaviour change program

   58Q.    Referral to medical or other therapeutic services  
   58R.    Certificate of completion  


   59.     General duty of driver or person in charge of motor vehicle  
   60.     Duty of owner of motor vehicle to give information about driver  
   60A.    Duty of owner of trailer to give information  
   61.     Duty of driver etc. of motor vehicle if accident occurs  
   61A.    Duty of driver etc. of vehicle that is not a motor vehicle if accident occurs  
   62.     Power to prevent driving by incapable persons  
   63.     Power to enter motor vehicles  
   63A.    Removal of vehicles obstructing driveways etc.  
   63B.    Use of vehicle immobilising devices  
   64.     Dangerous driving  
   64A.    Driving a motor vehicle when directed to stop  
   65.     Careless driving  
   65A.    Improper use of motor vehicle  
   65B.    Prohibition on drivers of heavy vehicles exceeding speed limit by 35km/h or more  
   65BA.   Driving of heavy vehicle in a no-truck zone  
   65BB.   Extended liability for driving of heavy vehicle in a no-truck zone  
   65BC.   Prosecution  
   65BD.   Exclusion of double jeopardy  
   65BE.   Declaration of area of land to be no-truck zone  
   65C.    Riding a miniaturised motor cycle on a road or road related area  
   66.     Certain prescribed offences to be operator onus offences  
   67.     Extension of time if no actual notice for certain traffic infringements  
   68.     Speed trials  
   68A.    Unauthorised use of freeway  
   68B.    Deliberately or recklessly entering a level crossing when a train or tram is approaching etc.  
   69.     Offence to procure use of motor vehicle by fraud  
   70.     Tampering or interfering with motor vehicle without just cause or excuse  
   71.     Obtaining licence etc. by false statements  
   72.     Forgery etc. of documents and identification marks  
   73.     Offence to alter, deface or place number on engine of motor vehicle  
   73A.    Offence to obstruct etc. person operating road safety camera or speed detector  
   74.     Offence to sell, use or possess anti-speed measuring devices  
   74A.    Offence to sell certain breath analysing instruments  
   75.     General penalty  
   76.     Arrest without warrant  
   77.     Power to prosecute  
   77A.    Extension of time limit for certain prosecutions  
   78.     Average speed evidence of actual speed in certain circumstances  
   78A.    Evidence of road distance  
   79.     Evidence of speed  
   79A.    Evidence of engine management system data  
   80.     Certain matters indicated by prescribed road safety cameras are evidence  
   80A.    Certain matters indicated by prescribed road safety cameras are evidence  
   81.     Certain matters indicated by prescribed road safety cameras or prescribed processes are evidence  
   82.     Evidence of mass  
   83.     Evidence of testing and sealing  
   83A.    Evidence relating to prescribed road safety cameras  
   84.     General evidentiary provisions  
   84A.    Unofficial breath analysing instruments  
   84B.    Surveillance Devices Act 1999  
   84BAA.  Double jeopardy  


   84BA.   Purpose of this Part  
   84BB.   Definitions  
   84BC.   Operator onus offences  
   84BD.   Effect of payment of penalty, etc.  
   84BE.   Use of effective statement to avoid liability  
   84BEA.  Failure to give effective statement  
   84BEB.  Date of failure to give effective statement and time for commencement of proceeding  
   84BF.   Cancellation of acceptance of statement  
   84BG.   Proceedings against nominated persons  
   84BH.   Defences to operator onus offences  
   84BI.   Offence to provide false or misleading information  
   84BIA.  Cancellation of licence and disqualification  


           Division 1--Preliminary

   84BJ.   Definitions  
   84BK.   Part does not affect other penalty  

           Division 2--Requirement to complete approved safe driving program

   84BL.   Court order for completion of approved safe driving program  
   84BM.   Secretary to notify person of program and period for completion  
   84BN.   Failure to complete approved safe driving program  

           Division 3--Approval of safe driving programs and providers of safe driving programs

   84BO.   Secretary may approve safe driving programs  
   84BP.   Secretary may approve providers of safe driving programs  
   84BQ.   Conditions etc. on approval of providers  
   84BR.   Cancellation or suspension of approval of provider  
   84BS.   Review by Tribunal  

           Division 4--Fee relating to approved safe driving program

   84BT.   Payment of fee  
   84BU.   Approved provider to send fees to Secretary  
   84BV.   Secretary may determine fee  


           Division 1--Preliminary

   84C.    Definitions  
   84D.    This Part does not affect other penalties  

           Division 2--Impoundment or immobilisation by Victoria Police

   84F.    Powers of Victoria Police  
   84G.    Seizure of motor vehicle  
   84GA.   Search for motor vehicle  
   84GB.   Direction to provide location of motor vehicle  
   84H.    Surrender of motor vehicle  
   84I.    Impoundment or immobilisation of a motor vehicle  
   84J.    Powers of persons authorised by Victoria Police  
   84K.    Notice of impoundment or immobilisation  
   84L.    Content of notice  
   84M.    Review by a senior police officer  
   84N.    Release of motor vehicle by Victoria Police  
   84O.    Appeal rights  
   84P.    Offences  
   84PA.   Authorisation to move motor vehicle  
   84PB.   Relocation of immobilised motor vehicle by Victoria Police  
   84Q.    Recovery of motor vehicle  
   84QA.   How motor vehicle immobilised by steering wheel lock may be recovered  
   84R.    Crown to pay costs if driver found not guilty or charges not proceeded with  

           Division 3--Impoundment, immobilisation or forfeiture by court order

   84S.    Impoundment or immobilisation order  
   84T.    Forfeiture order  
   84TA.   Application to register financing statement after impoundment or immobilisation order or forfeiture order  
   84U.    Application for an impoundment or immobilisation order or a forfeiture order  
   84V.    Substitution of motor vehicle  
   84W.    Notice of application  
   84WA.   Application to register financing statement after serving notice of application  
   84X.    Interest in motor vehicle not to be transferred  
   84Y.    Notice where 2 or more offences charged  
   84YA.   Direction not to transfer registration or register motor vehicle  
   84YB.   Secretary not to transfer registration or register motor vehicle  
   84YC.   Cessation of direction under this Act does not affect any suspension  
   84Z.    Hearing of application  
   84ZA.   Application for variation of order  
   84ZAB.  Interest in motor vehicle not to be transferred  
   84ZAC.  Breach of undertaking  
   84ZB.   When order takes effect  
   84ZC.   Powers of police and authorised officers to enforce orders  
   84ZD.   Liability for costs of impoundment or immobilisation  
   84ZE.   Rights of owners  
   84ZF.   Third party protection from forfeiture order  

           Division 4--Search and seizure warrants

   84ZG.   Application for search and seizure warrant  
   84ZH.   Search and seizure warrant  
   84ZI.   Record of proceedings for search and seizure warrant  
   84ZJ.   Announcement before entry  
   84ZK.   Copy of search and seizure warrant to be given to occupier  
   84ZL.   Use of assistants to execute search and seizure warrant  
   84ZM.   Application of Magistrates' Court Act 1989  
   84ZN.   Expiry of search and seizure warrant  
   84ZO.   Report on execution of search and seizure warrant  
   84ZP.   Obstruction or hindrance of person executing search and seizure warrant  

           Division 5--Disposal of motor vehicles

   84ZQ.   Sale or disposal of uncollected motor vehicles and items  
   84ZQA.  Notice to be given of intention to sell or dispose  
   84ZQAB. Sale or disposal of motor vehicles and items deemed to be abandoned  
   84ZQAC. Notice to be given of intention to deem motor vehicle abandoned  
   84ZQAD. Application for order that motor vehicle is not abandoned  
   84ZQB.  Application to register financing statement after giving notice of intention to sell etc.  
   84ZQC.  Application to register financing statement if motor vehicle vests in Crown  
   84ZQD.  Application of proceeds of sale  
   84ZR.   Sale or disposal of motor vehicle subject to forfeiture order  
   84ZRA.  Notice to be given of intention to sell or dispose  
   84ZRB.  Application to register financing statement after giving notice of intention to sell motor vehicle subject to forfeiture order  
   84ZS.   Application of proceeds of sale  
   84ZT.   Disposal of motor vehicle, item or thing subject to disposal order  
   84ZU.   Notice to be given of intention to apply for disposal order  
   84ZUA.  Application to register financing statement after giving notice of application for disposal order  
   84ZV.   Application for disposal order  
   84ZW.   Hearing of application for and making of disposal order  
   84ZWA.  Application to register financing statement after making of disposal order  
   84ZX.   Application of proceeds of sale  

           Division 6--Inspection of impounded, immobilised or forfeited motor vehicles

   84ZY.   Power to inspect motor vehicles  


   86.     Parking infringements to be operator onus offences  
   87.     Service of parking infringement notices  
   88.     Traffic infringements  
   89.     Effect of payment of penalty  
   89A.    Effect of drink-driving infringements, drug-driving infringements and excessive speed infringements  
   89B.    Extension of time to object if no actual notice  
   89BA.   Extension of time to lodge statement under section 84BE  
   89C.    Cancellation of licence or permit for drink-driving infringements  
   89D.    Suspension of licence or permit for excessive speed infringement or drug-driving infringement  
   89E.    Application of the Fines Reform Act 2014 to certain offences  
   89F.    Application and modification of Schedule 3 to the Children, Youth and Families Act 2005  
   90.     Proof of prior convictions  


   90A.    Definitions  
   90B.    Abolition of distress damage feasant in relation to motor vehicles  
   90C.    Detention or immobilisation of motor vehicles  
   90D.    Agreements  
   90E.    Parking in council controlled areas  
   90F.    Removal of vehicles from council controlled areas  
   90G.    Entry to council controlled areas  
   90H.    Wheel clamping agreements  


   90I.    Interpretation  
   90J.    Information to which this Part applies  
   90K.    Authorised use or disclosure  
   90L.    Exceptional circumstances  
   90M.    Verification of information  
   90N.    Information protection agreements  
   90O.    Disclosure not mandatory  
   90P.    Freedom of Information Act 1982  
   90Q.    Offences  
   90R.    Discovery for purpose of recovery of private car park fees  


   93.     Service of notices  
   93A.    Guidelines for industry codes of practice  
   93B.    Registration of industry codes of practice  
   94.     Approvals by Chief Commissioner or Secretary  
   94A.    Supreme Court—limitation of jurisdiction  
   94B.    Supreme Court—limitation of jurisdiction  
   95.     Regulations  
   95B.    Exemption of certain statutory rules from RIS  
   95C.    Extension of operation of Regulations  
   95D.    Rules  
   95E.    Gazette notices may incorporate document etc.  
   96.     Disallowance of instruments  
   96A.    Application orders and emergency orders  
   96B.    Minister may issue guidelines about testing of persons under section 27  
   97.     Application of fees  
   97A.    Administrative fees  
   98.     Minister may extend application of Act  
   99.     Warning signs and other installations  
   99A.    Conduct of works or activities on a highway  
   99B.    Non-road activities on highways  
   100.    Inconsistent regulations or by-laws  
   103.    Transitional provisions  
   103A.   Transitional provisions—Road Safety (Further Amendment) Act 2001  
   103B.   Application of amendment made by the Road Safety (Alcohol Interlocks) Act 2002  
   103C.   Application of amendments made by the Road Safety (Responsible Driving) Act 2002  
   103D.   Application of amendments made by the Road Safety (Amendment) Act 2003  
   103E.   Validation of sale of registration number rights and collection of certain amounts  
   103F.   Regulations may take effect on commencement  
   103G.   Transitional provision—Transport Legislation (Miscellaneous Amendments) Act 2004  
   103H.   Transitional provision—sections 27 and 33 of the Transport Legislation (Amendment) Act 2004  
   103I.   Application of amendments made by section 41 of the Transport Legislation (Amendment) Act 2004  
   103J.   Transitional provisions—Road Safety (Further Amendment) Act 2005  
   103K.   Transitional provision—Road Safety (Drugs) Act 2006  
   103L.   Transitional provisions—Road Legislation (Projects and Road Safety) Act 2006  
   103M.   Transitional provisions—Road Legislation Amendment Act 2007  
   103N.   Transitional provisions for operator onus—Road Legislation Further Amendment Act 2007  
   103O.   Transitional provisions for Demerits Register—Road Legislation Further Amendment Act 2007  
   103P.   Transitional provisions for level crossings—Road Legislation Further Amendment Act 2007  
   103Q.   Transitional provisions for fatigue regulated heavy vehicles—Road Legislation Further Amendment Act 2007  
   103U.   Definition  
   103V.   Transitional provision 2009 Act—Section 79 evidence  
   103W.   Transitional provision 2009 Act—Section 80A evidence  
   103X.   Transitional provision 2009 Act—Section 81 evidence  
   103Y.   Transitional provision 2009 Act—Section 83 certificates  
   103Z.   Transitional provision 2009 Act—Section 83A certificates  
   103ZA.  Transitional provision—Justice Legislation Amendment Act 2010  
   103ZB.  Transitional provision—Health and Human Services Legislation Amendment Act 2010  
   103ZC.  Transitional provision—Road Safety Amendment (Hoon Driving) Act 2010  
   103ZD.  Transitional provision—Road Safety Amendment (Hoon Driving and Other Matters) Act 2011  
   103ZE.  Transitional provision—Road Safety Amendment Act 2012  
   103ZF.  Transitional provision—Road Safety and Sentencing Acts Amendment Act 2012  
   103ZG.  Transitional provisions—Road Safety and Sentencing Acts Amendment Act 2013  
   103ZH.  Transitional provision Heavy Vehicle National Law Application Act 2013  
   103ZHA. Transitional provisions—Road Legislation Amendment (Use and Disclosure of Information and Other Matters) Act 2013  
   103ZHB. Transitional provision—Road Legislation Amendment Act 2013  
   103ZI.  Transitional provisions—Road Safety Amendment Act 2014  
   103ZJ.  Transitional provision—Road Legislation Further Amendment Act 2016  
   103ZK.  Transitional provisions—Transport Legislation Amendment (Road Safety, Rail and Other Matters) Act 2017  
   103ZL.  Transitional provision—Crimes Legislation Amendment (Protection of Emergency Workers and Others) Act 2017  
   103ZLA. Transitional provision—Justice Legislation Amendment (Police and Other Matters) Act 2019  
   103ZM.  Transitional provisions—Transport Legislation Amendment (Better Roads Victoria and Other Amendments) Act 2019  
   104.    Validation of certain resolutions fixing higher penalties for parking infringements  
   105.    Certain local laws to have force and effect despite inconsistency with regulations  
   105A.   Validation concerning certain alcohol interlock conditions  


   105B.   Definition  
   105C.   Application of Interpretation of Legislation Act 1984  
   105D.   Officers of the Corporation who are authorised officers continue as authorised officers  
   105E.   Officers of the Corporation authorised as prosecution officers continue as prosecution officers  
   105F.   Secretary may appoint Corporation officers as authorised officers and persons who may commence and conduct proceedings  
   105G.   Regulations dealing with transitional matters  


           Division 1--Preliminary matters

   106.    Definitions  
   106A.   Application of Commonwealth Acts Interpretation Act 1901  
   107.    Residential purposes  
   109.    Copying of documents  
   110.    Compliance purposes  
   111.    Other reference provisions  
   112.    Authorisation of authorised officers  

           Division 2--Inspections and searches of vehicles on highways or public places

   113.    Vehicles to which this Division applies  
   114.    Power to inspect vehicle  
   115.    Power to search vehicle  
   116.    Production of identification by inspectors before vehicle inspections or searches  
   117.    Production of identification during inspection or search  
   118.    Consent not needed for inspections or searches  

           Division 3--Inspections and searches of premises

   119.    Definition  
   120.    Premises to which this Division applies  
   121.    Power to inspect premises  
   122.    Power to search premises  
   123.    When inspection or search may be conducted  
   124.    Unattended or residential premises not to be searched  
   125.    Procedure for obtaining informed consent  
   126.    Production of identification by inspectors before inspections or searches of premises  
   127.    Production of identification during inspection or search  

           Division 4--Search warrants

   128.    Search warrants  
   129.    Announcement before entry  
   130.    Details of warrant to be given to occupier  
   131.    Seizure of things not mentioned in the warrant  

           Division 5--Inspectors may give directions

   132.    Power to require production of documents and related items  
   133.    Direction to provide reasonable assistance  
   134.    Authority to run vehicle's engine  
   135.    Direction to state name and address  
   136.    Direction to provide certain information  
   137.    Manner of giving directions under this Division  
   138.    Self-incrimination not an excuse  

           Division 6--Seizure

   139.    Copies of certain seized things to be given  
   140.    Access to seized things  
   141.    Journey may be completed despite seizure of required thing  
   142.    Embargo notice  
   143.    Retention and return of seized documents or things  
   144.    Magistrates' Court may extend 3 month period  

           Division 7--Other matters concerning inspections and searches

   145.    Use of assistants and equipment  
   146.    Use of equipment to examine or process things  
   147.    Use or seizure of electronic equipment  
   148.    Obstructing or hindering inspectors  
   149.    Impersonating authorised officers  

           Division 8--Interstate provisions

   149AA.  Reciprocal powers of officers  


           Division 1--Preliminary matters

   149A.   Part does not apply to a heavy vehicle  
   150.    Reference to vehicle includes loads and attached vehicles  
   151.    Statement that mistake of fact defence does not apply not to affect other offences  

           Division 2--Categorisation of breaches

   152.    Purpose of this Division  
   153.    Mass limits  
   154.    Width limit  
   155.    Length limit  
   156.    Height limit  
   157.    Load restraint requirement  
   158.    Upgrading of categorisation in certain circumstances  

           Division 3--Enforcement powers concerning mass, dimension or load restraint breaches

   159.    Application of this Division  
   160.    Meaning of rectify a breach  
   161.    Reference to single offence includes multiple offences  
   162.    Rectification of minor risk breaches  
   163.    Rectification of substantial or severe risk breaches  
   164.    Further provision concerning rectification places  
   165.    General provisions concerning directions and authorisations  
   166.    Conditions  
   168.    Person must comply with a direction and conditions  
   169.    Application of Division in relation to other directions  
   170.    Amendment or revocation of directions or conditions  

           Division 4--Responsibility for breaches of mass, dimension and load restraint limits and requirements

   171.    Liability of consignor  
   172.    Liability of packer  
   173.    Liability of loader  
   174.    Liability of operator  
   175.    Liability of driver  
   176.    Liability of consignee  
   177.    Multiple offenders  
   178.    Penalties applying to offences under this Division and exclusion of double jeopardy  

           Division 5--Provisions concerning defences

   179.    Reasonable steps defence  
   181.    Exclusion of mistake of fact defence  

           Division 7--Sentencing considerations for mass, dimension or load restraint breaches

   188.    Matters to be taken into consideration by courts  

           Division 8--Other matters

   189.    Offence to provide false or misleading transport or journey documentation  
   190.    Other powers not affected  
   191.    Contracting out prohibited  


           Division 1--Application of Heavy Vehicle National Law (Victoria)

   191A.   Definitions  
   191B.   Application of the Heavy Vehicle National Law (Victoria)—fatigue management of light buses  
   191BA.  Exemption of person carrying out certain duties driving a light bus  

           Division 2--Meaning of terms for Heavy Vehicle National Law (Victoria)

   191C.   Meaning of fatigue-regulated heavy vehicle  
   191D.   Meaning of fatigue-regulated bus  
   191E.   Meaning of Regulator  
   191F.   Meaning of responsible Ministers  
   191G.   Meaning of this Law  
   191H.   Meaning of authorised officer  
           SCHEDULE 1
           SCHEDULE 1AB
           SCHEDULE 1B
           SCHEDULE 2
           SCHEDULE 5
           SCHEDULE 6
           SCHEDULE 9

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